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  1. Ok, upgraded to las beta version crossing my fingers and everythig is working fine, no more errors. Thanks.
  2. I'm afraid of doing this. Last time i did a rollback my computer entered in a bluescreen reboot mode all the time. @srcrist can we have some info about this? i'm afraid
  3. Hello, This just started to happend today. What i have to do with version
  4. really thanks, now its working at more than 300mbps+ btw, what about upload threshold ? do i need to leve it at 1,00mb ? Thanks.
  5. Hi everybody, With fiber 600/600 the max download rate i could achieve was 100mbps but for upload its 400-500mbps. Is there a reason for this? Images attached.
  6. 850 pro (the sata one) I've got 2 M.2 sockets, one runing pci 3.0 x4 and other one runing pci 2.0 x4.
  7. Samgun 970 Evo 500gb sounds good? or best to go with pro version?
  8. 64GB of ram nowdays its really expensive for me , this would be the best option but is out of my budget. I can also limit the up and down transfers... but its sad to do this when a software implementation can help the transfers. What about who own a 1gbit simetric network? the problem will persist.
  9. nobody thinks its a good idea?
  10. i do have an NVMe as primary disk, im using the samsung 950 pro as only cache, In 2 months i have over 10tb's of data writen (i lots of gb's of video 4k) Mechanical disk is not fast enought to use all my bandwitch with data upload verification activated(and this is important for me) Nope i don't mean this. Everytime i copy something to my gdrive it just copies to the SSD, then it upload to the cloud. At the same time it beging to download in the same disk (to do the verification) If some1 else of my network start to streaming the video, i
  11. Hi everybody! I've been using this fantastic software for 3 months ago and i really love it. the only thing I miss is being able to configure the download cache different from the upload Why? With ftth 600/600 even the SSD Samsung pro 950 gets bottleneck if i copy big size files and the software is downloading and uploading at same time (upload verification) It would be wonderful if you could use a mechanical hard drive for uploads and a solid hard drive for downloads. (also longer life for the SSD). What do you think? Javi,
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