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  1. jdpg265

    Having a bad day

    Christopher, Appreciate the help, once I mounted the drives and set them to online all of my data was visible. I have now reconstructed all of my data from my 5 drives without issue.. ie nothing was lost. Been using Drive pool since day one and its never caused me to lose data!!
  2. So I am having similar issues. My pool just vanished and all 5 drives appear to be corrupted. What I am doing now is running Stellar Pheonix on each drive and moving my files to a new set of drives. its a huge PITA but I guess I should be happy I have my files. BTW I have used Drivepool since the Beta and it has been virtually bulletproof for me until this issue. Having said that I am moving off of my Windows Server 2012 R2 and on to a NAS instead. WS2012 has been too much of a PITA and a NAS just works for a home network.
  3. jdpg265

    Having a bad day

    So my server (windows server 2012 r2) decided to not boot but when it did I noticed my pool was missing. Not wanting to risk anything I shut it down and decided to restore all of my files (5 3tb drives) onto my new NAS by sticking the drives into an external USB enclosure. So far ONLY one of the drives is visble to the NAS and has the familiar Drive pool structure (I have been using it since beta). All of the other drives mount but have no Volume information and show as empty on the NAS but when I look at them mounted in Windows 10 they are showing to have spaced used. I am really freaki
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