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  1. Hey guys, want to achieve the following: - Multiple OneDrives as one Pool I tried to achieve this with DrivePool and CloudDrive, but got huge stability issues (different errors, io error, data corrupted), also with GDrive.. And yesterday (server wasn't running for some time) I had to reauthorize every CloudDrive.. This is why I thought about some other way: - Define a "master" OneDrive - share a Folder on every other OneDrive - bind the shared Folders to Master - connect Master Account on a windows 10 Machine with OneDrive App - mount these folders with "subst" command in cmd to a drive letter So far so good, but.... ...DrivePool doesn't show the "virtual drives"! Is there some way to achieve this? Best Regards Stefan
  2. Hi there, got this message and don't know what it means.. Can you help me with this? Best Regards Stefan
  3. I had the same issue (Bad Pool Header) on one of the last 1803 Insider Builds.. Did even a fresh install which didn't help.. Now I'm on Server 2016 (1607), problem is gone! I assume this is a 1703 issue.. Maybe the devs could install a Windows 10 1703 to reproduce the issue on their own..
  4. Lately it worked, but it seems to take forever to load.. ATM I'm waiting for 34 minutes for the DrivePool GUI (starting service..), CloudDrive and Scanner are already open.. Is there a way to diagnose this issue? Btw. just bought the three applications.. Edit: Doesn't always take the same time, uninstalled PoolDrive and installed again, took one hour and a half to show the GUI..
  5. I have the Release Preview, 17133 should be the final Build.. So I should uninstall/reinstall every Stable Bit Software? Or you mean the Windows? I have fear that my Pools disappear like they don't appear on the new PC (also I get don't see the drives for pooling there..)..
  6. Hi there, first of all great Apps, I'm still in Trial but I will buy for sure.. I got all three Apps installed and it worked but now I cannot load the Config GUI for all three of them, it always says "Starting Service (xx minutes)".. The four StableBit Services are running according to Windows and I can see and use the Drives.. What I did today: - Update BIOS & Intel Management Engine Firmware (Dell T20) - Update Windows (Version 1803 - Build 17133.73) - Clone System Drive to another SSD and boot them in another PC (while the Source PC was not running) - - After Booting the other PC and starting DrivePool it asked to transfer the license and I said yes, but there was no Pool shown (Harddrives connected) After it didn't show the Pools on the new PC I wanted to check if I have to detach them on the Source PC but as stated above it doesn't show the configuration GUIs.. Can you help me please? I also did a repair installation of PoolDrive but the problem persists.. Also how can I show the Pools in the new PC? Thanks and best Regards Stefan
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