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  1. @Christopher (Drashna) Quick follow up on the above question: In DrivePool you can replicate data and drag it manually into a newly created DP folder, then (iirc) use that with file duplication. If you were to duplicate all encrypted data in a clouddrive, then create a second empty clouddrive and move all the duplicated encrypted files/folders to the new clouddrive folder would it then be possible to use the duplicate (CD X 2 + DrivePool)? In this case the second clouddrive would have its own ID. Or does clouddrive encrypt each file in a different way between two drives -- file A on CD1 is encrypted differently than file A on CD2?
  2. I suspect the answer is 'No', but have to ask to know: I have multiple gsuite accounts and would like to use duplication across, say, three gdrives. The first gdrive is populated already by CloudDrive. Normally you would just add two more CloudDrives, create a new DrivePool pool with all three, turn on 3X duplication and DrivePool would download from the first and reupload to the second and third CloudDrives. No problem. If I wanted to do this more quickly, and avoid the local upload/download, would it be possible to simply copy the existing CloudDrive folder from gdrive1 to gdrive2 and 3 using a tool like rclone, and then to attach gdrive2/3 to the new pool? In this case using a GCE instance at 600MB/s. Limited of course by the 750GB/day/account. And for safety I would temporarily detach the first cloud drive during the copy, to avoid mismatched chunks.
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