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  1. I agree, I didn't expect the file management was a full regex implementation. So in my case, if I wanted to base it off the first letter for each folder as I described above. I would create individual rules like below? Rule 1 - /FolderX/A* Rule2 - /FolderX/B* Rule3 - /FolderX/C* ... RuleX - /FolderX/N*
  2. Hi, I'm currently doing research on converting into a DrivePool + SnapRAID setup for my server. I'm one of those people that are struggling due to the limitations of split level folder management. I'm trying my best to find a good middle ground between no folder management and micro-managing. Ordered File Placement plugin wouldn't be a great solution for my case since this would make the SnapRAID parity to be huge due to the uneven distribution. Which brings me to the ootb file placement feature. It doesn't seem like the file placement is regex but includes the * and + which has very similar functionality to their regex counterparts. For my middle ground folder management, I was thinking along the lines of splitting the content by folder title - folders starting with A-M to one drive, and N-Z in another. Would the only way to achieve this to create a rule per first letter of the alphabet? Ex. Rule for /FolderX/A* If it was regex, I could do /FolderX/[A-M]* in one rule but it doesn't look like it supports full regex based off of the documentation. Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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