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  1. Thanks! I was hesitant to do the beta with the edits that JoeyD mentioned, but after your post, I also installed the latest Beta ( and the drives started uploading again! I didn't have to do anything other than reboot after the Beta installed! All is good for me too now!
  2. Same, I also just started seeing this problem happening and I've been using Stablebit for Plex for years. It seems to have started yesterday. Tonight I updated to the latest Stablebit version ( and I'm still getting the errors on my Google drives (on a GSuite account). I logged into the GSuite admin console and I don't see any errors regarding limits, everything says 'unlimited'. I viewed the actual folders and they don't show errors either. This can't be a coincidence that suddenly a bunch of us are seeing these errors.... any thoughts/ideas/suggestions would be very welcome a
  3. I'm not sure if this is related or not ... but I woke up this morning to see multiple drives disconnected and a 'One moment' message along with an error that I haven't seen before "There was a problem running this application :( " I took a screen capture and grabbed all the error logs from the path the error provided, then opened a ticket for you. I'll PM you with the ticket #.
  4. Unfortunately they weren't staying mounted. That was the problem. Only a few would mount, but then they would unmount. The others just wouldn't mount at all. Thankfully after a few reboots and about 18 hours, it finally stabilized and now the only 'not authorized' alerts I'm seeing are for my Amazon (experimental) drives. As long as my google drives stay mounted, I'm happy. Thanks for this latest 976 version!
  5. I have had the same problems for the last several days (including the 'Reauthorize' notices). I installed the latest 976 version and the problems persist. I have also noticed the problem happens with both my GSuite and Amazon drives. My speeds are 116mbps up and 11mbps down - unthrottled/capped. I have several GSuite drives and sometimes I can get a couple of them mounted for a few minutes before they unmount and then stay disconnected. OS: Windows 10 Pro x64
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