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  1. So as a follow up, it appears there are no plans to support WSL2 on drivepool at this point in time: https://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/5303-wsl-2-support/&do=findComment&comment=31779 I decided take a plunge to find out if WSL2 worked with Windows Storage Spaces. I came across this error 0x00000057, while doing anything within the GUI, so unfortunatley had to quickly get up to speed with creating the Storage Pool and Storage Spaces through PowerShell. Long story short, it did not work with Storage Spaces. Maybe WSL2 does not like virtual drives??? I have temporarily resorted to a pooled storage using Dynamic Disks, set up with a Spanned Volume through Windows' Disk Management utility. I suppose this is sort of a virtual drive, but it works with WSL2. Spanned Volumes are basically DrivePool without arms and legs. You can't balance or choose where the data is stored on the drives, therefore if one disk is near EOL, the whole volume will need to be re-created. While typing this up, I just realised I should have done a reset of docker to factory defaults first... I might revisit storage spaces at a later date
  2. This should help answer your question https://stablebit.com/Support/DrivePool/2.X/Manual?Section=About Balancing
  3. Hi im using Windows 10 2004 with WSL2. I have 3x drives: C:\ (SSD), E:\ (NVME), D:\ (Drivepool of 2x 4TB HDD) When the drives are mounted on Ubuntu, I can run ls -al and it shows all the files and folders on C and E drives. This is not possible on D When I run ls -al on D, it returns 0 results. But I can cd into the directories in D stragely enough. Is this an issue with drivepool being mounted? Seems like it is the only logical difference (aside from it being mechanical) between the other drives. They are all NTFS.
  4. Hey is there a way to get Pool Performance and Disk Performance to appear next to each other under the Performance dropdown in DrivePool? This was available in I just updated to and i can only toggle to show only Pool Performance OR Disk Performance. Cheers
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