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  1. Great! Thank you Rob - that's exactly what I'm doing.
  2. On my desktop PC I have a 4-drive pool. I've migrated this before, but I followed Chris' instructions that included deactivating the license. The difference this time is that I am planning to still run Drivepool on the existing computer, so I'm curious if I can move the drives in the current pool to the other computer that will be under a different license that I will purchase. Bit more info: -Existing drive pool solely used by my Plex server. -Just picked up an Intel NUC and a 4-bay USB enclosure. -Want to move entire current existing pool to the NUC/USB. -Planning to purchase a new license and install Drivepool (and Scanner) on the NUC. -Then physically move the existing drives to the NUC/USB. -I would like to continue running Drivepool on the existing computer because I will be creating a new (albeit smaller) pool on it with some SSDs. Hopefully that makes sense. Any guidance appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Thank you Chris and Jaga. Ended up just copying everything over so that everything would be in 1 pool. Forced me to do some much needed digital housekeeping.
  4. I'm currently running DrivePool (and DriveScanner) on both my HTPC and my my desktop PC. I want to consolidate everything to be on the desktop PC, but I do not have enough empty space to just copy everything. Based on what I have read, I can simply remove the 2 pooled drives from the HTPC (both Western digital 8TB NAS Red drives if it matters), plug them in to the desktop PC, and DrivePool will recognize them and add them to the pool. Is it really that easy? Is there anything else I should be aware of? Thanks! Edit - just to be clear, the 2 drives that are in the pool on the HTPC are not the OS drives, have a separate SSD for that. And, if it matters, both PCs are running Win10.
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