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  1. Got it! I set "BitLocker_PoolPartUnlockDetect" to "false" some time ago, but I didn't recognize that the editor saved the file "settings.json" as "settings.json.txt" so that my changes didn't have any effect. My fault! Thank you very much for helping me patently! Greetings Markus
  2. I hope, that nobody is thinking the problem is solved now...
  3. I stopped the two DrivePool services. First, the disk access didn't change. But after a minute, disk access stopped and after 20 minutes disks turned off.
  4. I set "BitLocker_PoolPartUnlockDetect" to "False" and rebooted the system. No changes in disk access. I used StableBit scanner already in WHS2011 and set the smart settings not to query more often than 60 minutes and not to query when disk is asleep. That worked in WHS2011. Now in Windows 10 I even deinstalled the scanner, but without changes in disk access.
  5. thx@Drashna, but that didn't solve the problem. I don't use BitLocker anyway. You can see the disk access in the attached picture. Same picture for all disks.
  6. @MetalGeek: Thanks for your answer! Do you have a link to that thread? That sounds, as if the problem would be a fundamental one, but I can't imagine that. And why did it work in WHS2011?
  7. Hello! I'm using drivepool for some years now. First in WHS2011 and since a few weeks in Windows 10 which I am using as a Server. My problem is, that my 10 pooled disks are running all the time and they won't be turned off automatically after beeing in idle for 20 minutes like I've set in Windows control panel and what worked in WHS2011 without problems. When the Server is in idle, according to the windows taskmanager , there is no access to the drivepool D:, but all 10 pooled disks where simultaneously accessed every two seconds with a small amount of data (4kb or so). Has anybody an idea to solve this problem? Greetings Markus
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