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  1. ...Startech eSATA user here, with the Startech Avermedia based eSATA PCIe card - solid as a rock thus far, was not my experience over USB3.0 with my previous enclosure. DriveScanner sees everything as if it were an internal card drive too which is nice.
  2. Thanks .. been playing with Veracrypt. It'll encrypt volumes and file containers plus some. Seems to play nicely with DP so far also. Maybe that'll help someone else. Cheers, Adam
  3. Is there a recommended way of encrypting/password protecting a folder that places nicely with drivepool? Specifically where the pool is duplicated? I suppose setting sharing on the folder should suffice from an access perspective but I'd still like to encrypt some data in the case of physical hard drive theft. Thanks!
  4. Hi! Is it possible to get DrivePool to show remaining space that accounts for the pool level duplication level set? e.g. I've got a 15Tb pool setup, I've got 9Tb free. I've got pool level duplication turned on (2x) so my real free space is more like 4.5Tb. Possible? Thanks!
  5. ...swapped the 5 bay USB 3.0 with a Startech 8 bay with matching Avermedia eSATA card. Very easy setup indeed and now everything shows up in DriveScanner just as if it were an internal drive. Thanks again! Adam
  6. ..interested in this too. Considering this card (chipset recommended on here I believe) to be paired with a Startech 8 bay eSATA enclosure.
  7. Awesome support as always sir :-) Flipped that switch and now I see SMART info for the drives at least. ..what about the disk names though, they all still show like this: Disk details is getting the info it wasn't before (model/serial etc..) Thanks! Adam
  8. Hi all, Since my Synology NAS died and I've had a nightmare getting the data back out of it i'm back to the Stablebit side of the fence as it just seems much simpler in the event of a hardware failure so I've plugged my drives into my Windows 10 'server' using an Orico 5 bay USB 3 enclosure and created my pools. Unfortunately I've encountered some issues: - Scanner cannot read SMART info from the drives in the enclosure - I keep reading on here that USB3.0 isn't suitable for this kind of usage and I should be using eSATA instead I used the Direct I/O test tool to find out which methods allow comuniction in case that helps: ..if new hardware is advised what should I be looking for in the way of 5+ bay enclosure and an accompanying card? Thx!
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