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  1. Solved from another post where user had similar issue, missed it before posting this.
  2. I either made a mistake or a power outage has taken out my drivepool, I can no longer see the drive (S:\) in Windows 10. If I go to Disk Mgmt I can see the drives. Of course (stupidly) my backup was on the drivepool and since its not showing up in windows, I have nothing to restore from. Did I screw myself? Thanks for all the help
  3. Hello, I have DrivePool on Windows 10 and at some point or another i added my C: drive into the pool for whatever reason and then removed it. However, I still cannot delete the PoolPart folder on the C: drive, i continue to get access is denied errors and cant seem to figure out how to get past it and get them deleted. What do i need to try? Thanks!
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