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  1. I'm using a Mini PC/NUC (Beebox-S 7200U) as my Plex server with two external USB 3.0 hard drives in my Drivepool, and it has worked perfectly for the past year. I need more space, so now I'm looking at purchasing a 4 or 8 bay hard drive enclosure. I've read in this forum in posts from a few years ago that there are inherent issues with USB connections to these enclosures, and it's better to use eSATA. Does anyone know if the same USB issues are present with USB 3.1 Gen2 (Type C)? It's my only other connection type on this NUC. If so, and I have to re-purpose an old PC instead of using my NUC, is there a better connection type now instead of eSATA? I've read more recently that eSATA cards are having issues in newer Windows OS's. Thanks.
  2. I was having the same problem with a new 8TB WD My Book, found this post, and this seems to have fixed it.
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