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  1. On 11/18/2017 at 9:12 AM, Umfriend said:

    HI Jeff, how large is the Pool, the backup destination and do you use duplication?

    Edit: Ah, the original post says it does. In that case, you might rearrange your Pool hierarchical. E.g.

    unduplicated Pool A: DIsk 1 and Disk 2
    unduplicated Pool B: DIsk 3 and Disk 4 and DIsk 5
    Duplicated Pool C: Pool A and Pool B.

    Then you would backup either the HDDs of Pool A or those of Pool B, whichever takes your fancy. THis is what I do with my WHS2011 Server (although, it is rather small storage-wise)

    @Umfriend: I'm with @ikon in that I'm intrigued by your suggestion. Would you mind explaining it a bit further?

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