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  1. After removing Kaspersky, i was offered either Bitdefender or F-secure as a replacement. I had no previous experience with either of these, but now have Bitdefender installed on Five devices. At the moment I have not experienced any major issues or system slowdowns. Bitdefender has picked up a few items which Kaspersky and Windows Defender both missed, however at the moment I am investigating the amount of, and the type of data Bitdefender is passing back to the developer.
  2. My sincere apologies for the late response to your answer Christopher. I would love to be able to use Windows Defender alone, but compliance requirements dictate otherwise. Kaspersky was supplied by our bank and installed all our devices. just last week, they have distanced themselves from Kaspersky and ceased supplying it without offering an alternative. At the moment i am testing Bitdefender but its too soon to pass judgement.
  3. Hello, after years of using Kaspersky Internet Security, I am looking for an alternative supplier of Antivirus/Security software. The UK goverment and also my Bank have issued advisories to cease using this software, because of possible spying use by the Russian goverment. To be honest I have had no problems using Kaspersky and I believe that there is no concrete evidence of any wrong doing on Kaspersky's part. However, I do now find I now have to replace this software. I have been told Bitdefender 2018 has good reviews, but have no previous knowledge of the product. Can anyone put forth any suggestions. Thank You
  4. Ok I was wrong about Nvidia drivers causing the remote control issue. But bear with me, I do have the definite answer. From the beginning: Prior to the FCU, both Drivepool and Scanner were able to remote control without any issues using beta versions up to So I updated all three devices to FCU, then Kaspersky Total Security intsalled a major update to itself I then installed Drivepool Beta As standard practise I then created images of all three systems using Macrium Reflect. on rebooting and leaving the devices running for a couple of hours I found that Drivepool would not remote control on any of the three devices. I posted here and worked through all of the fixes recommended by christopher and a few of my own, with no positive result. I honestly thought it was Kaspersky to blame, but fully uninstalling this proved me wrong. I had noticed problems with the start menu and taskbar as well by now and also sluggish performance with these systems. So I restored all three images which I had taken just after the major update, I was now working from a known baseline. I then noticed the problem with the video drivers and all the other Nvida stuff that Windows update had installed. I removed these and re-installed the correct driver and everything was fine. Seemed very strange that this could be the cause, but hey it worked, drivepool and scanner were remote controlling fine again and the sluggishness had gone along with the taskbar and start menu problems. Worked fine until next reboot, then same problems resurfaced. I then checked through installed updates and found that Windows had silently installed KB4043961 shortly after I had updated to FCU. This update coming into force after each system was rebooted hence the systems working fine then the sudden problems. Uninstalling KB4043961 and further hiding it, so it does not attempt installing again, totally solves the problems with remote control, taskbar etc. Obviously this update had sneaked in after I had created the original images of the three systems and again shortly after I had restored all systems, and incorrectly thought I had cured them with the correct video drivers. Just this morning I thought I would google and see if anyone else had issues with this update and found the following post. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/id-3554170/fix-taskbar-start-button-clickable-windows-pro-v1709-build-16299.html The poster had seen similar issues to me with the taskbar etc.
  5. OK finally got this working. Since updating to FCU and reporting the issue with remote control in Drivepool and Scanner, I also noticed that the start menu randomly failed to work and the system would not shut down correctly, a forced reboot was needed. It seems when I updated to FCU Windows had messed up and installed incorrect video drivers, The servers are headless and have a very basic Nvidia 210 card fitted for occasional use in emergencies. I had to uninstall all trace of the drivers and all the extra Nvidia software FCU had downloaded and installed, then re-install the known pre FCU working driver. Now everything is working as before. Start Menu and shut down working fine and for some unknown reason Drivepool and Scanner remote control working as they should.
  6. Carried out all of your instuctions, still no joy. The only other thing I can think of is the new Exploit Protection in FCU. I have not even looked at or altered any of these these setting yet. When I get time tomorrow possibly, I will disable all protection and see if I can get a result
  7. uninstalled kaspersky from all three systems and rebooted, no joy still no remote access. i then uninstalled Drivepool and re-installed a prior version which was known to work with remote control, no joy again, still not working. It seems, in my case, its something to do with the Fall Creators update as this is the only other change on all three devices. Also just confirmed that remote control is non functioning on Stablebit Scanner as well, this is the latest beta version.
  8. Thank you for the further advice Christopher. I had tried modifying the firewall element of Kaspersky without any luck. I am fairly sure this problem is down to Kaspersky itself.
  9. Thank you for the information Christopher, seeing as you cannot reproduce the issue it looks like its specific to my configuration. I did try the remotecontrol.xml as advised, without success. All three devices were updated to the Fall Creators Update at exactly the same time, and all have any further updates applied since then. All three devices also have Kaspersky Total security installed and i can remember being notified of a major automatic update to this due to FCU. I am guessing that Kaspersky is somehow blocking Drivepool remote control on all three devices.
  10. Hello, I have three licences for drivepool. one installed on my main desktop and the further two licences installed on two servers, all running Windows 10 64 bit Fall Creators update. The two servers are headless, and I normally administer Drivepool on these machines via Drivepool remote control on the Desktop machine. Since installing Beta thru 875, this is no longer possible as Drivepool only displays the device which it is installed on even though 'Allow Remote Control' is activated via settings. To be fair I don't know whether this has just started since updating to fall creators update or is purely related to the beta versions noted above.
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