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    REFS in pool

    do you have integrity turned on? i believe that is why I noticed such a drastic performance drop... and not having it enabled kinda defeats the purpose from what I've read
  2. KRiSX

    REFS in pool

    As someone who has just put together a drivepool from scratch, I tried ReFS and found the performance hit was too much for my liking, which is unfortunate but on a drive that can hit 150mb/sec writes with ease I was getting around 40mb/sec... that to me isn't acceptable.
  3. Hi all, sorry if this has been asked before but I wasn't able to find an answer. I've just setup DrivePool using 23 drives ranging from 3tb to 6tb. Everything appears to be going well, however I'm trying to add an 8tb archive drive to purely store duplicate copies of some folders. Is this possible? I would have thought the Drive Usage Limiter balancer would do it, but it appears not. My 8tb drive was the last drive I added to the pool and I then enabled duplication on the folders I wanted it on. The folder I want to duplicate is approx 5.3tb, which would obviously fit on the 8tb drive, however it appears to have spread this out over multiple drives, which isn't what I was hoping for. Is it possible for me to achieve this or no? Thanks in advance, loving the product and considering buying a second copy for my gaming pc to pool my SSD's together (currently trying it now and it seems to be working very well). PS. attached screenshots show my setup and what its currently doing
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