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  1. Okay, thank you Christopher, I deleted the System Volume Information folder from the Drivepool drive and the warning has gone away. (I could not delete from the GUI, even after changing permissions, but del /f worked from command prompt)
  2. Hello, Recently I began the task of switching out my 2TB drives for some 4TB drives. In the process, something went wrong, I am not sure what. Transfers to the pool would freeze, lock up my system, I unfortunately had to do some force shutdowns. Windows then seemed to have trouble fully accessing the drives - I could not do a dskchk as "another process had control of them" (or something of this nature). I struggled with this for several days, eventually moved the 4TB drives to a spare system, formatted them, installed Drivepool trial to this sytem, got the pool fully set-up and all data migrated to the pool. The I fully wiped my main system (reinstalled Windows), moved the 4TB drives back into it (Drivepool not setup yet). Everything working fine, can see the disks, can access the contents in the hidden Poolpart folders etc. Can run CHKDSK on them, no problems. Now I reinstall Drivepool to this system and I am greeted with this: (see attached) I don't know how to safely resolve this warning message. Is it caused by moving disks from one system to another ? I also am not sure which disk this pertains to. The Drivepool log would seem to indicate it pertains to HarddiskVolume9 with ID ending in 1c7925dd2569 DrivePool.Service.exe Information 0 [CoveFs] Pool found on: \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolume9 (pool ID=6a84a3c4-b61d-4959-a7c3-1c7925dd2569) 2018-07-09 16:57:51Z 120647360 DrivePool.Service.exe Warning 0 [FileDuplication] Duplication conflict detected for file '\\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolume9\System Volume Information\IndexerVolumeGuid' (file part contents is different) 2018-07-09 16:59:15Z 363768255 However I cannot locate this disk on my system \\?\Volume{2e061839-0000-0000-0000-100000000000}\ *** NO MOUNT POINTS *** \\?\Volume{08f4e0e4-5b69-4403-84e6-26ba0114df68}\ I:\ \\?\Volume{c49d9602-adfb-472e-ac7e-f3aea119e096}\ F:\ \\?\Volume{9931b5bf-4af9-4e13-8d14-d747a49f0f59}\ G:\ \\?\Volume{9374b2b6-68d9-4c9c-8842-be6a7fe4c417}\ H:\ \\?\Volume{0b494ac8-41da-4fad-a5a3-b483e71ea4a2}\ E:\ \\?\Volume{89bb8c95-ad41-45b2-ba8f-081029facb20}\ J:\ \\?\Volume{2e061839-0000-0000-0000-602200000000}\ C:\ \\?\Volume{cd6a3a61-8385-11e8-88ff-806e6f6e6963}\ D:\
  3. Hi, Due to some stability issues I intend to do a clean install of Windows 10. Do I need to de-activate the Drivepool license beforehand, or can I simply type in my key again on the new installation ? The hardware will not change, same mobo, CPU etc
  4. First of all thank you for the detailed reply, I have a better understanding of it now. For now I will use the Ordered File Placement plugin. It is a little bit cruder than what I was hoping for but it will suffice. It would be nice to see a 'high water' type allocation method. I also agree with Cyberskulls request - folder split level would be a nice feature which helps to keep related files on the same disk.
  5. Hi, I am trialing Drivepool currently and am trying to get a handle on how it places files. For example in my initial testing (without changing defaults) I encountered many situations like this: E:\movies\Big Buck Bunny\Big Buck Bunny.avi F:\movies\Big Buck Bunny\Big Buck Bunny.srt (the subtitles for a given movie were placed on a different drive to the movie itself, which will surely cause two spinups to play the movie) I should also say I intend to use it in combination with snapraid, so any post-placement moving/balancing is unwanted. The userguide explains balancing as "the act of reshuffling your existing pooled files among the physical disks that are part of the pool." Does this mean balacing is entirely separate to initial file placement? For use with snapraid I should untick automatic balancing and also untick all the balancing plugins? With balancing plugins disabled, what determines where new files go?
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