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  1. My snapraid.conf is pretty standard - I haven't really changed any of the defaults (so I haven't included them). I choose to keep a copy of the content file on every disk, but that's not strictly necessary. # Defines the file to use as parity storage # It must NOT be in a data disk # Format: "parity FILE [,FILE] ..." parity C:\Snapraid\Parity\1\snapraid.parity # Defines the files to use as content list # You can use multiple specification to store more copies # You must have least one copy for each parity file plus one. Some more don't hurt # They can be in the disks used for data, parity
  2. DrivePool doesn't care about the drives in the pool having drive letters, so you'll be fine there. SnapRAID on the other hand needs to be able to access the drives - if you don't want drive letters for each, then you can mount each drive in an empty folder instead (as long as the drive is NTFS). I use the following folder structure: C:\Snapraid \Data \1 \2 \3 \4 \Parity \1 \Cache \1 \2 Each of the numbered folders is a mount point for a disk - SnapRAID is then configured to point at each of the data drives and the
  3. I'm running StableBit Scanner I've also had to change the driver I'm using back to the default Windows (non-UASP) driver, as the ASUS UAS Storage Driver seems to be a bit buggy, but this hasn't changed the lack of health data. With the ASUS UAS Storage Driver, attempting to do a surface scan causes the drive to stop responding after completing ~5% (read speed drops to 0 in Task Manager, but the disk remains 100% active), and it'll never pass that point even after stopping and restarting the scan. Switching back to using the default Windows driver (USB Mass Storage Device) allows th
  4. I have an Icy Box IB-1816M-C31 USB 3.1 Gen 2 enclosure containing a 512GB Samsung 950 Pro NVMe SSD, for which Scanner cannot read the SMART data. This enclosure uses a JMicron JMS583 USB-NVMe bridge, and shows up as a UASP device using the ASUS UAS Storage Driver (removing this driver and using the default driver, which takes it out of UASP mode, doesn't change anything). CystalDiskInfo is able to read the SMART data, as is smartctl when run with the -d sntjmicron option to correctly identify the USB device. -d sntjmicronC:\Program Files\smartmontools\bin>smartctl -a -d sntjmicron
  5. I'm using Drivepool (without duplication) in combination with Snapraid. This is working well, but there is a issue I would like to solve - Snapraid doesn't tolerate writing to the disk while it's running a sync (creating a snapshot). Most of the time this isn't a problem, as my daily sync is scheduled late in the morning after any backups or similar would usually have completed. However, periodically the sync will overlap with other activity causing it to fail - for example, when a full backup is being written (and so takes longer), or the sync includes a full backup (which takes longer to cal
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