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Drivepool, Snapraid & SSD Optimizer



I'm using Drivepool (without duplication) in combination with Snapraid. This is working well, but there is a issue I would like to solve - Snapraid doesn't tolerate writing to the disk while it's running a sync (creating a snapshot). Most of the time this isn't a problem, as my daily sync is scheduled late in the morning after any backups or similar would usually have completed. However, periodically the sync will overlap with other activity causing it to fail - for example, when a full backup is being written (and so takes longer), or the sync includes a full backup (which takes longer to calculate parity).

What I thought I could do is add another disk and use the SSD Optimizer plugin to create a landing zone. This would be in the pool, but not protected by Snapraid, which would allow for writes to happen without interfering with Snapraid if a sync is running. Now most of the time I'd want this to balance pretty quickly, but only if a sync isn't running. What would be ideal was if there a way to enable/disable balancing from the command line - then the script I use to run my daily sync could disable balancing as it starts, and re-enable it once complete. Is this possible?

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Yes, that should work.   Just make sure that the balancing settings are set up in such a way to accommodate that. 

Also, there is an option to create a file when tasks are running in StableBit DrivePool. You could use that if SnapRAID can be configured to detect that. 

Just remember that if you're using duplication, you need multiple "SSD" drives. 


As for disabling balancing from the command line, there is no option to do that. 
However, you can "brute force" it, by stopping the StableBit DrivePool service ("net stop DrivePoolService").


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