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  1. Windows 10, i7-3770, 16gb ddr3, 1070ti on pcie 1.0 x1, lsi sas card on pcie 3.0 x16. SSD with OS/plex/metadata connected via SATA3 on mobo along with 3 other drives. ~50 TB on 10 other drives connected via the SAS controller. I'm having 'buffering' issues with Plex when multiple people are streaming off me. This wasn't an issue before DrivePool, however I do not know if it's singularly the problem. My internet is fiber, 200/200 Mbps.The biggest files accessed would be 4k movies which rarely go over 80Mbps except during some rare occasions. My hard drives are mostly WD Red's 5400rpm, but still should get over 100MBps which is well over the 50-150Mbps for even my heaviest bandwidth files. I have read into this SSD optimizer, however it appears to be a quick storage for files you want to WRITE to the pool. Writing to the pool while simultaneously reading from it would obviously throttle data transfer from both directions, so I can see how this would help, but only if multiple reads are occuring during a write. Plus, I use a temporary hard drive already, a 160gb sata 2 'scratch' drive I use to put any files on before writing to the pool. The sata 2 speeds copying to a sata 3 drive already limits the write speed, further freeing up more bandwidth for reading. So I don't know how much the ssd optimizer would help. I'd like thoughts on how to speed up my drivepool. Thank you.
  2. So is the general consensus that it's only a matter of time before ACD isn't allowed at all? Is there any hope? I know most of it looks like to be on there end and they're not being very supportive, but your decision also relied on the bigger picture and not to focus on just 1 provider. Which may be there vision as well. I feel like StableBit is reputable enough as to warrant more respect as a commercial asset. Nothing against rclone and acd_cli, but they're not as presentable.
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