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  1. Another vote for Backblaze - B2 - would it work? Any ETA?
  2. I think MANY people would be interested in a way to leverage OneDrive storage especially as you get 10TB (or unlimited if you reach the 10TB limit and request more) as part of their Office 365 subscription. Similarly, I would be happy to use this as an offsite back-up and still keep 2x copies of my files on local server disks, so really the need for fast performance from the offsite back-up is limited. I understand that I would not be able to use this in a conventional sense like a drive, but maybe there could be that option for "cold" storage - a bit like Amazon Glacier where you don'
  3. Drashna, So, what would you suggest? One Pool with OneDrive as one of the folder on the pool? Have the OneDrive folder set-up for duplication? Would you need to create the folder first in the Dashboard or move the OneDrive folder to the DrivePool drive?
  4. Now that MS is offering 1TB of storage space to all Office 365 subscriptions, has anyone played with setting up Drivepool together with OneDrive to also enable off-site cloud backup for some shares? Is there any way of building this capability into DrivePool itself? That could be a killer feature! Could you simply : 1 - install OneDrive 2 - Set-up 2 pools - Pool 1 - for files / folders to be backed up to OneDrive - Pool 2 - for files which should only be stored locally 3 - Move OneDrive to the root folder on the Pool #1 http://www.cnet.com/au/how-to/how-to-move-your-onedrive-l
  5. After replacing a missing hard drive and re-balancing, duplicating, ... everything seems to be back to normal. Only issue is that the Folders view in the dashboard is not showing the usual size breakdown. All folders are listed as having 0B. I've clicked Re-index a couple of times to no avail. Any ideas? WHS 2011, Drivepool Any ideas?
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