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    Dane got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in The Largest Stablebit Drivepool In The World!!   
    I have the same problem. Weird how they think that way. "what's wrong with playon" or "why isn't plex working". Less of an issue these days since I went to a dedicated VM for each of them, but in the beginning.
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    Dane reacted to sspell in whs2011 to server2012 essentials   
    I've had a little time rebuilt a new gen2 with more os space and same issue. May be something in the boot order on the existing hard disk or security issues or what? Anyway it looks like a format and copy files to use gen2. The time this will take too long plus there is a 8 processor limit in vm anyway. So with these issues at hand wanting to take full advantage of the processors for the server decided to bare metal essentials and run whs2011 in vm. Hope this takes care of it will see soon. Let you know how the process goes.
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    Dane got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in The Largest Stablebit Drivepool In The World!!   
    Lol, my 30TB seems oddly insufficient now.
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    Dane got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in WSE2012R2 + DrivePool + Feeder Disk   
    It is working now.  Turns out there was a bug and they fixed it.  Thanks stablebit.
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    Dane got a reaction from Valdimarsson in My Rackmount Server   
    Updated to current specs, wife thinks it is a small upgrade...nope, huge one, to me anyways  lol   April 24 2014

    (2012 R2 Hyper-V)
    Case: Chenbro RM31408 Modified to use standard atx power supply (tripple redundancy was nice but used 50 watts more power just for it)
    Motherboard: ASUS P8B-E/4L Z9PE-D16 (upgrade)
    CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1245v2 E5-2630v2 x 2 (upgrade)
    RAM: 32 64GB Kingston ECC Unbuffered (upgrade)
    OS Drive: 500GB WD Black
    VM Drives: 4 x 1TB WD RE4 in Raid 10
    iCydock MB994SB-4SB-1 4 bay 2.5" raid cage (new)
    Drive Pool feeder drives: Kingston 120GB SSD x 2 (new)
    HBA: Onboard raid (2 Dell H310's on the way) (new)
    HBA & SAS Expander: LSI 9240-4i & Intel RES2SV240 SAS Expander (Link to Drive case)
    Case: Norco RPC-4220 (Drive case)
    DrivePool Drives: 6 x 2TB WD Green, 5 x WD 3TB Red
    Security Cam Drive: 1x 2TB WD Green
    (PVR Computer)
    Case: Rosewill RSV-R4000
    Motherboard: ASUS P8H67M-LE
    CPU: Intel I7-3770K
    RAM: 8GB Kingston
    OS Drive: 500GB WD
    OS: Win7
    Network Switches: HP Procurve 1800-24g (J9028B) x 2, 4 ports on each switch dedicated for a 4Gbit trunk between them (upgraded from single HP Procurve 1400-24g non-managed)
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