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  1. I also uninstalled my AV (kaspersky) yesterday, no difference. Could simulate the bsod with opening rufus (a bootable usb creator) and then selecting an iso on the DP drive. Upon selecting the iso everytime a bsod. Clicking on the DP pool share from an updated windows machine, always bsod upon selecting it.
  2. Unfortunately, I lost them when I restored my full acronis backup. But the error is exactly what you described. What lead me to suspect DP at that moment, was that I opened bsodviewer and opened the dump and saw that ntfs.sys was the first error in the dump. I only uninstalled DP and used the drives as single drives for a moment without problems, but since my pooled drive is mission-critical, I had no time opening a ticket.
  3. Yes, having the same problem after updating to windows 1803. Whenever I try to access the pooled drive from a share, or browse to it from for example rufus to select an iso: bad_pool_header. Drive is working for the rest, can browse it etc.. Removed drivepool for the moment and using software raid for the moment, no more problems. Going back to previous windows build also fixes this (restored from backup). Seems there is an issue with DP and windows build 1803 (tried latest beta,RC and stable). Going back to drivepool if this is fixed.
  4. Yes, Seems to fix my problem. Thanks
  5. I upgraded from .636 to .649 (windows10). Had to revert back to .636. Every 3-5 seconds I hear my pool hd's "click" on a build higher as .636. This is on a constant interval, as if drivepool is checking something. I downgraded to .636 and the disks are back silent again.
  6. I'm now trying primocache. I would rather have used the ssd optimizer plugin, but I was unable to use it, since it will only use disks as ssd cache. It won't allow a partition to use as landing disk (which primocache could). I have now made a partition on my ssd raid0 array which is now in use for this purpose. Maybe Alex can find a way to allow this?
  7. Thanks Christopher for testing. Would you say it would be beneficial to use primocache on the physical drives? Or better said, would drivepool work properly if I would accelerate the underlying drives using the ramcache? Regards
  8. Did you have a chance to try primocache? Would try it myself, but am not sure if it would have strange effects on the drivepool mechanism. Seems as the ssd plugin, needs physical ssd disks..I cannot choose driveletters as ssd landing destinations.
  9. I was wondering if it was possible to use primocache on drivepool? Have lots of ram which could be used to function as a landing area to speed up my archive disks. Another question is: I have a large raid0 ssd array, is it possible to use driveletters on this array to be used as ssd landing disks? Or does the ssd landing disk have to be a physical drive to be used with the ssd landing option in drivepool? Thanks
  10. Shane, I have checked using asterisk..and I had 2 folders not duplicated (system restore folder and trashcan folder), but they were both empty. Looking in the log, I don't see those particular errors. I must say I disabled duplicating in the past for 1 other folder (+-48gb), and afterwards put duplication back on that folder. But for the rest, I really can't say where those 10.5gb unduplicated and 655mb other come from.. Is there a way I can tell drivepool to just start over and check and duplicate everything I have now selected (the entire pool)? Tried remeasure to no avail. And balancing is on immediately. If there are incompatible permissions on some files, how do I know which files? (hence my feature request ) Thanks for the tips.
  11. Thanks for the info Shane, but I had allready read that. I think it would be cool, if you could visually see those files responsible for the other or unduplicated files. I have 4 2TB disks in a pool, and have about +-500mb other data on every disk, according to the gui. I have nothing on the disks beside the pooldata folder (checked it going on to the drive and did a treesize). No trashcan or restore option on, on these disks (as far as I can tell). And I have 11,2 gb unduplicated data, for which I can't know to which files these account to... So, I hope you see my point in the request (and as I said, a log file would be enough..no need to incorporate it in the gui or something) Regards
  12. HI, I have a pool which I want to be fully duplicated. Still there seems to be a few files which are classified as unduplicated or other (seen in the interface). Would be cool if you could get a list of filenames which are falling in this category (in a seperate log file or something). So you know what files are still in danger when a disk fails and are not duplicated. Just an idea. NIco
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