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  1. tomba

    SSD monitoring

    I know how you feel Personally I believe in credit where it is due... The new disk I put in has 100% remaining of it's life, we'll see how it goes when (if?) I start using it as a feederdisk for DrivePool as well
  2. It was definitively scanning, saw this both in the dashboard and resource monitor (100MB/s scanning of DR1) Which setting do you mean exactly. Anyway, an update on the time everything took. - Disabling duplication on the biggest directory (2972GB) to allow the 2 TB to be removed: 2 hours - Removing the 2TB disk (which had about 1TB of data left): 7 hours - Re-enabling duplication on the directory to duplicate it to the 4TB: 7,5 hours Specs of the server: Dual Core Pentium Core2Duo E2220 (2,4GHz) 2GB of RAM 128GB Crucial M4 SSD (bootdisk) 1x Toshiba 3TB 7200 rpm 2x Hitachi 4TB 5900 rpm The 2 TB disk was a 5400 rpm Samsung disk
  3. LOL, saw this a little bit too late The removing of the 2TB (containing about 1TB of data) took about 7 hours. I then placed the 4TB drive and since then Drivepool's been working for about 13 hours and is currently at 94,0% (Total disks in DrivePool; 3, 1 3TB and 2 4TB's) One thing I did notice is that StableBit Scanner started scanning concurrently with the duplication (because it's new of course). I would have expected it to wait with the surface scan until DrivePool is ready.
  4. Well not exactly everyting was duplicated but hey Thanks for your input! I have decided to go the 'normal' way, removing and adding. I will post the times needed here when I am finished!
  5. Allright, glad that's settled. The reason to do it this way is mainly the sound (the server is near my bedroom) and costs (electrical). Also; the server is not very usable due to high diskload in the mean time The removal of the 2TB disk took several hours, about 10 if I recall correctly, but it was filled to the brim.
  6. tomba

    SSD monitoring

    Thank you for the elaborate answer
  7. The reason to clone is, is to not have to wait for the pool to empty the 2TB. Did that a couple of months ago and it took hours upon hours. Trying to save that time. But, if I understand you correctly it will work? (Cloning the data to the new disk will give me 2TB more space on the pool without having to wait for the data to copy out and back in?)
  8. If I want to replace an existing 2TB drive by a new 4TB, will Drivepool be able to handle a cloned disk? (as in I ghost the existing disk to the new one)
  9. tomba

    SSD monitoring

    Ok, maybe my question was a little bit ambiguous. I know I can get email notifications (already receiving those), my question is more: is Scanner able to detect a failing SSD just like HDDs, as in is it able to correctly interpret the Smart data provided by an SSD?
  10. Thanks for your response, that's very good news I have a Crucial laying around so no toolbox.
  11. tomba

    SSD monitoring

    Will I get a warning when it goes awry? My current bootdisk is generating Smart Warnings which is leading me to think about exchanging it for an SSD.
  12. tomba

    SSD monitoring

    As I am thinking about using an SSD feeder disk for Drivepool, I was wondering if StableBit Scanner also correctly monitors SSDs. Am I correct in asuming it does?
  13. As the Boot drive of my WHS2011 server is slowly dying, I want to replace it by an SSD to gain some speed. Is it possible to use the remaining part of the SSD (all the space excluding the C:) as a feeder disk? (e.g. just the D: partition)
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