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  1. Can do. Should I re-install the current version or go with v2.2.0.852? Also, should I take any steps to back up the configuration of the pooled drives?
  2. OS: Windows 10 x64 v1709 (Fall Creator's Update) build 16299.19 Drive Pool Version: After updating to the fall creators update all my pools are missing. I've restarted the PC 5 times. No luck. I've attempted to install Drive Pool v2.2.0.852. It fails to install. I've restarted the drive pool service numerous times. It doesn't fix the issue. I'm stumped. Please help. D
  3. Thanks Drashna, that got me fixed up. My drive is back to a healthy state and all is well.
  4. Ok, so I found the UI element that lets me attempt the repair. However, it continually fails its task. I used Process Explorer to look for open handles to the drive in question and found none. I then decided to run CHKDSK manually. An initial pass with the command "chkdsk d:\" reported a bitmap error and suggested a "chkdsk d:\ /scan". I then ran that command and it completed reporting that the file system was clean. No errors. I then set the filesystem to unchecked in Stablebit Scanner. I initiated another file system check and was then again notified of a damaged file system once again. Not sure if I'm missing something here or what. D
  5. Hello, I've just received my first "File System Damaged" notification. The notification comes on a WD Red 6TB drive that is part of a 2 drive pool. Its a storage drive not my OS drive. I wanted to ask what the proper next step is because I do not see any sort of remediation function in the UI. Thanks much, D.
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