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  1. @drashna iSCSI Target - I use the Microsoft iSCSI Target 3.3. It is tricky to set up the first connection, but once the Target and Client connection is established and configured for automatic detection, it re-connects to the client without intervention even when the target is powered on after the WHS client has been powered on and active. DrivePool very quickly recognises the disks and presents the Pool for that target. I do avoid shutting down the target whilst the client is active, shutting down the client first, then the targets. re Drive Letter - I have not noticed the iSCSI Drivepool drive letter changing - and without checking, I would say with my configuration the drive letter does not change.
  2. Great news to see V2 now also supports WHS2011, and it would make sense to have just one release going forward for both WHS2011 and WS2012. This leads to some questions about planning to upgrade from V1 to V2 which I suspect will be answered in an update to the Blogs when V2 goes to release status, but I cant wait. Does this mean V1.3.3.7563 is the final release? And should we start planning to upgrade from V1 to V2? What are the differences or pros and cons between the two versions? In particular is there any functionaility currently in V1 which is not available in V2? Does the DrivePool.Service.config need changing? Thanks, Arthur
  3. I have been doing this for a while. With one Drivepool, I have 4 pools and 3 of these are using iSCSI disks on different PC's. Because I have configured each pool to only uses disk on a single PC, it is easy to seperate the pools. As Drashna says if a complete pool is not available, Drivepool does not know about it, but as soon as one of the iSCSI PC's is powered up, the iSCSI link auto reconnects the disks in a pool, and the pool reappears. I use these iSCSI pools for archiving and backup. Prior to using iSCSI, I used eSATA to add external drives but at that time I did not have seperate pools so I cant confirm if these would behave the same, but I see no reason why not. The pool contents are then immediately available, and the only impact I have seen is when a pool has been absent for a while it can take some time for Drivepool and Stablebit Scanner to catch up all the admin activities and some of the reporting information can take a time to be updated. Arthur.
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