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  1. Just updated from to and lost my scan history. All disks were waiting to be scanned again. My scanner settings window was open when I ran the installer if that helps any. Thanks, - Edirol
  2. I also experienced this when upgrading between release finals. Good thing there's an option to just mark disk as good. - Edirol
  3. Hi, One of my disks has been randomly disappearing from my system. Tried plugging into a different SATA port on the same controller but is still occurring off and on. If I shutdown the box and reboot, the disk is visible again. When the disk disappears my drivepool is unwriteable. Now the strange thing is stablebit scanner will not E-mail/notify me when such an event occurs. If I load up drivepool it will show there's a missing disk. If I load up stablebit scanner it just lists one less disk. Shouldn't a fail event like this generate a notification? Here are my windows logs w
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