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  1. Windows has never asked me about running applications. So I don't make any decissions in that regard.
  2. If you want to resize your drive just open CloudDrive and click "Drive Options" (located just below the pie chart). This menu has an option for resizing. I am not sure what you mean by renaming. Do you want to assign another drive letter?
  3. I have been using CloudDrive for two weeks as a trial and I am actually very happy with the solution. I have set up two Google accounts and have made a DrivePool between the two that mirrors everything. So setup is: C: SSD 500GB - Main drive - not used with CloudDrive or DrivePool X: HDD 3TB - Secondary drive - used for data before moved to DrivePool E: Google Drive 1 - 100TB (not used directly - located on normal HDD X:) F: Google Drive 2 - 100TB (not used directly - located on normal HDD X:) G: DrivePool (mirrors everything to E: and F:) Now I have learned that I should probably have placed E and F on seperate drives. X is already holding data so when I move from X to G I am actually reading from X and writing back to X twice which is pretty slow. It is sometimes faster to copy to C first and then from C to G. If I find a solution to my problems I am going to buy another drive (maybe two) and place CloudDrives on seperate drives. BUT my question is: Every time I start my computer CloudDrive starts performing recovery. It claims that the previous shut down was not completed safely or that it has detected consistency issues with the drive. Am I doing something wrong? It takes SOOO long (I have a 50/10mbps connection). I really want to purchase your product but not if this is going to happen every time I start up.
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