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  1. Dom

    Trial License problem

    I don't know what happened but all of sudden its not asking me to get a license anymore.. weird..
  2. Dom

    Trial License problem

    Hi, I've been trying out StableBit Drive pool and scanner for just a few days.. then last night I had to detach all my drives, boot a different OS on a different drive (only 1 drive attached) to test something. Then when I get back to my original setup 7 HDD attached I was told that stablebit drive pool and scanner has problem with licensing. It says I still have 28.9 days trial but is telling me to register but when I go to register I can register a trial.. heres a screenshot
  3. I think I know why... that means the disk was accessed. I think its because I set the "Do not interfere with disk access". After disabling that it seems to progressing on each drive correctly. Well, other than the other drive that says temperature equalization which probably stopped because HDD has reached a temp danger zone. I will leave this overnight and see what happens. Note: I disabled "Do not interfere with disk access" because OS is newly installed and no programs are currently accessing these drives. WIll probably turn that back on after this initial test.
  4. HI, Im currently in the process of trying out the software. I am not sure what the scanner meant by Waiting to Scan (Disk Access) means. It always goes to that state after scanning a bit. Is this normal and just wait (probably leave it overnight)? Does it mean it cannot access the disk?
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