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  1. which i thought if i set file placement plugin to 100% then i've circumvented it and it cannot physically write to that disk. it seems it still tries and then consequently fails. so, it basically needs more space and just to work at default settings so it can physically write anywhere it damn chooses.
  2. did it for 2 reasons. 1. ordered placement is based on age of drives. i'd prefer the oldest in the pool to have the easiest life, so be read from only. whilst newest gets written to until newer one arrives on the scene., 2. since storage in the last 2 months has gone under 1TB free, when i started to get the "disk full" errors from windows due to the pool space spread too thinly, until the new drive is added i decided to then utilise the plugin. still don't know why it gives me the error, plus file transfer speeds have slowed down as well. so will need to get a new drive
  3. its working now. deleted some files [1-2GB worth] and now its working. thanks for the insight into the duplication. i will get another drive fitted.
  4. 1x 35GB file. only folder thats duplicated is 3x "metadata" and that folder doesn't exist anywhere other than within drivepool duplication settings,. and i cant't alter it.
  5. then why won't it let me? says "disk full" i'm not using duplication. its carbon copied to another drive pool on another machine.
  6. ok, point taken. but why can i not write to the 480GB free space?
  7. howdy! please see attached image, i currently cannot write any files to the pool as whilst it says "479GB free" i can only put another 10GB on it as the as "unusable for duplication" has filled up the rest. when i attempt to do so, windows says "drive is full". please help! its an 8 disc pool of various sizes. no duplication is in use. scanner installed and the drives are fine. the only plugin i use is file placement order as when i move a big file, it has the space on one drive to do it.
  8. I’ve downloaded the beta. The issue now is that my cloud account (50GB) is full whilst my drive wants to upload 150MB to finish its upload of 48GB. Am am I going to have to destroy and start again so that the two are in sync? There is a rogue 2GB somewhere. :/
  9. where can i find the warning so i can acknowledge it? i cannot post a reply in my other thread until i do so. thank you. 17/11/2017 - Hi Chris, still got the warning. still cannot reply to posts.
  10. Is there a setting I've enabled that means it will re-upload the entire contents of my cloud drive at reboot? I've had a couple of crashes which froze the machine. its purely an archive drive and full [1GB free] so i don't edit/change it at all. please advise as its tedious uploading the 50GB all the time. thank you
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