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  1. When I originally created the CloudDrive I didn't realise that I can enter a value for CloudDrive size larger than 10TB. Hence I selected this option Now that I am nearing this limit, I want to resize the CloudDrive size to larger than 10TB. I was able to increase the size as you can see in the screenshot but as suspected, the CloudDrive in Windows is still shows 10TB. I am guessing that is because the drive was selected as NTFS at the time of creation which resulted in 10TB as size. Guess my question is that if I have increased my CloudDrive limit to 200TB, will I be able to go past 10TB?
  2. Hi, One more question. Can I use Google Cloud Compute to transfer the files on the GDrive from one account to the another?
  3. Do i simply copy and paste the folders from existing drive to the new Google Drive account once I have created the it on Cloud Drive?
  4. I will start the 30 day trial this weekend and start testing it out. Once the trial is over, will purchase the software. Thanks for your reply Deshani, I will try this out in the weekend and see how I get on.
  5. In regards to the actual process, how would you go on about adding a new drive and pooling it with an existing drive? I already have one Cloud Drive with 1TB of files so far which Plex uses.
  6. Thanks Desani, Looks like Drive Pool is the best way to go for redundancy and most important of all, hassle free. Software does all the work. Bandwidth wise I have no issues since I just signed up for 1Gbit plan.
  7. Hi, My current setup for Cloud Drive working in conjunction with Google Drive for Plex which is working perfectly. Couldn't have been more happier. However, now I would like to have redundancy for the current Google Drive. In order to achieve that, do I just sync or copy the Stablebit Cloud Drive folder on Drive to the new Drive account? If I one drive account was to fall over, do I then just simple link the Cloud Drive to with the other account and it will pick up all the files? Thanks in advance!
  8. I am using PIA VPN mainly for using torrents...
  9. Hi there, Just bought cloud drive software after trialing it for a month. It works perfectly fine for my use. However as of yesterday, I also purchased PIA VPN subscription to keep my downloads encrypted. The issue that I am facing currently is that when the VPN connection is on, the cloud drive unmounts itself after a while and I have to manually mount the drive again. This behavior is only seen when VPN connection is on. Any suggestions to overcome this perhaps?
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