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  1. Hi Drashna, I have uninstalled and reinstalled, and now the version says 2.5 in the corner of the settings windows. I also notice some menu changes so pretty sure I have a newer version now. Will the Automatic Update function work now?
  2. I recently added some new HDD's to my WHS2011 server. DrivePool was flawless here. I went into Scanner to check that they had been detected OK, and all was looking good there too. I went into settings, where I noticed it said v2.4.0.2929 in the bottom left corner. Wondering if that was the latest I checked the website and found version available for download. I do have Automatically Check for New Version selected. I duly downloaded the file and went to install it. It did not install, and the "error" simply said that the add-in was unable to be installed. No more explanation than that. I thought, no worries, I'll just uninstall and reinstall. When I went to uninstall I see the version in the Add-ins tab says 2.5.3062. I'm going to presume that I do have v2.5, that Check for New Version is working, and that the version reported in the settings box is wrong.
  3. Client backups have stopped running. I have "errors exist in the client backup database" error and repeated repairs fix the error for 30 or so minutes and then the alert returns. While the alert is showing client backups will not run. If I kick off manual client backups just after the repair while the alert is gone, those backups run just fine and the alert comes back straight after they have finished. I have downgraded and the problem still exists, so probably not a drivepool issue.
  4. I recently upgraded DrivePool to from I have since been having problems with client backups and was wondering if it is possible to roll back to 1.3.3 to see if the problem goes away. Is it just a matter of deleting DrivePool and reinstalling from the older setup file?
  5. Are these client backup issues also accompanied by the alert "errors exist in the client backup database"? The remedy being to resolve all server storage alerts and then repair the database. I have recently upgraded to the latest 1.3x version of DrivePool on my WHS2011, and I am now getting this error all the time. I dont believe I have any storage alerts, and the database repair is successful but then about 30 or so minutes later the error is back. I can manually backup clients during the "green" window but automatic backups do not run while the error is showing. Scanner and Home Server SMART 2013 both show no disc issues. The clients backups are currently in the pool, and I dont have a non-pool disk big enough to move them to.
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