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  1. Hello everyone... I tried researching the answer to my question, but could not find the solution I needed. Basically I is dedicated to the operating system. I then have 4 WD Red drives that are 3TB each solely dedicated to drive pool. These 4 drives are pooled togehter and duplicated 4 times. I know this is overkill, but better safe than sorry... [Current setup] SSD Drive - OPERATING SYTEM ONLY WD Red 3TB - DRIVE POOL WD Red 3TB - DRIVE POOL WD Red 3TB - DRIVE POOL WD Red 3TB - DRIVE POOL I think I just need to do a clean install and reformat my C drive which is the SSD drive. I don't think that by doing this my data will be deleted from my WD Red drives. However, I found another thread where technical support recommended removing the hard drives (http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/1199-reinstallation-of-windows-os/?hl=reinstall). However, removing the hard drives is somewhat labor intensive for me and I would prefer to leave them intact. Here is my understanding of the steps to do a clean install: 1. Deactivate Stablebit license 2. Do a clean install of Windows 10 while reformatting my SSD drive 3. Reintall Drive Pool and activate with license. 4. Drive Pool should automatically recognize my WD Red drives? Could someone confirm these steps? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Edgar
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