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  1. So why isn't this window reporting size as being 6.12GB larger than the "duplication" figure? It matches to the byte - when the pool is set to 2x duplication, that would make me think the entire pool is 100% duplicated, but the home dashboard shows that is not the case. Seems like a bug to me, especially because the pool wasn't attempting to duplicate the missing 6GB until i upgraded to the latest version, which wasn't very stable for me, so I downgraded again (but that could have been related to my System Volume Information troubles).
  2. Due to some issues with (background service repeatedly not starting, and "Unable to enumerate folder error" ) I went back to I have actually already fixed the "other" space - turns out the E:\ "System Volume Information" (outside the poolpart folder) was 700GB. Somehow all the files had no owner and I was unable to take control via Windows 10, so i just deleted that folder through a Linux live CD. Now, everything seems like it is working. When I first start drivepool, it still warns me of duplication inconsistencies but I am able to resolve it through the softwar
  3. Okay, so upgrading to fixed the issue. Is there a reason this beta isn't linked to on the download page? Once I did that, the pool correctly identified their were duplication inconsistencies and allowed me to fix. This left me with 72B unduplicated and an error message: "System Volume Information\IndexerVolumeGuid file parts different." I was able to fix this following instructions from previous threads posted to this forum. Now - everything appears to be running smoothly, but I am curious why one disk has such a large amount of "other" files. E & G are both 8TB drives
  4. Nope, it was staying solid. I disabled duplication for a few minutes which queued the deleting of files (and hence the growth of that number) and then re-enabled it and it settled back down to 6.14GB
  5. No, its on. That's why i was concerned when files were showing as unduplicated in the main view during the copy. But the folder view shows 100% duplication, so it is inconsistent. Additionally looking at the logs, I do not see any errors saying expected=2,found=1.
  6. I did, but no dice. Please note however I have a large copy still running. After it finishes I am going to try to upgrade to the latest beta (found a link on the forums), restart my computer, and then remeasure. Maybe that fixes the issue. I have around 5 hours left on the copy.
  7. Why does the pie chart on the main window show 6.14GB unduplicated, but the Folder Duplication screen shows 100% duplication? See screenshot attached. [Edit: Wrong forum, please move the post, apologies for the mistake]
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