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  1. I'm on the latest beta and I've had big memory problems too, consistently using 90-100% of my memory after having the machine on for a while. I use both DrivePool and CloudDrive, haven't really been able to find clear evidence tied to either one, but RAM Map always ends up with a huge Non-Paged Pool and no processes tied to it.
  2. My drive keeps disconnecting. I keep getting "Error updating statistics" repeatedly as well as "Error informing driver of write request". Buried among these was a single error saying that a file had hit it's download quota. I'd paste this info but the service log doesn't stop updating to let me copy text, even when I turn off autoscrolling. Any idea what this is?
  3. I have a DrivePool with two physical drives on it. Some folders are set to 2x duplication. I recently added a CloudDrive to the pool which is set to only have duplicated files on it. However, now when I listen to music (one of the duplicated folders) it tends to skip pretty often. I've looked at DrivePool when this happens and it seems to be reading off of the CloudDrive copy instead of the physical. Is there any way to make sure it'll use the physical drive instead?
  4. It's Google: https://www.google.com/appsstatus#hl=en&v=issue&sid=4&iid=c708d68b1884a629816e361895c125a5
  5. My drive hasn't been able to stay mounted for about an hours now, getting Internal Error and Rate Limit Exceeded errors thrown. Also unable to grab files off the web client. Is this a Google issue, my issue, or a CloudDrive issue?
  6. I'm not sure what the minimum download size was set to. Is there any way to check or change that? I already have multiple terabytes on this current drive. What would be a good cache size?
  7. I have a CloudDrive on Google Drive with my video files on it. It works really well for my iTunes stuff and DVR recordings because those aren't large bandwidth, but I've also remuxed most of my BluRays, figuring it'd be nice to have them at full quality all in one place (I don't know anything about encoding) and unfortunately a lot of those files buffer. Not horribly, but usually a movie will have 2 or 3 spots where it does a weird buffer and I have to go back a minute so that the video will keep playing normally. I have ~110 down and these remuxes are in the 20-30s range. I have the following settings at the moment: 20 DL threads No throttling Prefetch Trigger: 1 MB Prefetch Forward: 40 MB Prefetch Time Window: 1000 sec The drive is 256 TB so the whatever, block size?, chunk size? is the highest possible. Is anyone able to handle streaming of remux Bluray quality? Should I be able to get better performance with changes to my settings? Oh, another question, I have the cache size just set to the default 1 GB (expandable) setting. I'd keep more of a cache (the physical drive the CloudDrive uses is 1TB) but many versions ago I had a lot of problems with improper shutdowns leaving my drive in recovery for hours. If I use a larger cache and an improper shutdown happens will that mean my who cache will have to be uploaded over my slow 10 up connection? That would be horrible. Improper shutdowns happen much less often now but I had one the other day due to Windows 10 Creators Update so it's not like you can make sure it absolutely never happens.
  8. dulfbarglin

    access time

    I'm starting to have this issue as well. My CloudDrive used to feel just like any other drive but now opening folders can take minutes. Nothing has changed as far as my settings and I have both pinned settings on. I used to have the cache size set to minimum. I've increased the cache size but so far no change. It kinda seems like things just haven't been pinned yet, it's weird. Once I have gone through the long load time for a folder is now remembers and that folder opens quickly now. But I have some Plex media on the drive and Plex scans have gotten much slower as well.
  9. I was on .827 for a while and the issue went away. I went to .834 and now it's back. Is it possible to downgrade back to .827?
  10. upgraded to .819, only took a couple hours to end up with 40 threads that I can't stop, even though they aren't actually writing to the cloud.
  11. This issue is recurring. Every 10-12 hours uploads stop being successful and I have to restart.
  12. Restart managed to fix it and clearing the cache before the restart didn't result in a recovery. Thank you!
  13. what is "let it shut down properly" exactly? also, I'm on .818.
  14. Cloud Drive has been attempting to upload without succeeding for about 5 hours now. This has resulted with 32 upload threads, but worst of all I can't make it stop trying. I've unchecked upload threads but Cloud Drive keeps on trying. I don't want to restart and send it into hours of recovery.
  15. The performance counters was the issue. Thank you.
  16. Just a minor annoyance: The Disk Performance panel in the lower right side of the window used to list files currently being read or written. Now it never does even as lots of activity is happening. Is this known?
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