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  1. I would strongly like to see this option as well!
  2. Hello, hoping someone can give me a tip here. I've set up my Plex library on a DrivePool drive that is set to save everything in triplicate - once on a local drive and then two more copies on two attached CloudDrive drives. This seemed like a great idea to me - until I started trying to actually use Plex. I noticed things seemed slow to load - even just the info screen. Suspecting it might be because of the cloud drives, I tested having a Plex library folder that's entirely local, and clicking on those titles opened their info page nearly instantly as it's supposed to work. Now, I don't have a gigabit connection or anything, but I'd think my 150mbit connection should be enough to keep up with things. (I haven't tested library files accessed directly from the cloud drive - that might be interesting to see if that performs better.) In any case... TL;DR: If I turn off drive read striping, is there a way to tell DrivePool to always prioritize reading from the local drive?
  3. I use a 20MB chunk size which was the largest available when I created my drive. Are there any plans to offer larger chunk sizes? I'm not using Google Drive for anything else, but I do expect to surpass 20 Tb stored eventually.
  4. I've been tinkering, trying to get Clouddrive to utilizing my full upload bandwidth (20Mbps) with Google Drive, and the latest thing I tried is upgrading to the latest version ( Now I can't get Clouddrive to upload basically at all to either Google Drive or to Amazon Cloud Drive (which I just added to see if the issue was Google related). It's technically uploading, but at about 100kbps which is obviously unusable. I tried downgrading to see if is the issue. I uninstalled Clouddrive, then tried installing I got an error, "The background service failed to start, try restarting the computer". Restarting didn't fix the issue, but when I reinstalled 1.0.0608 the application worked again but still has the terrible upload speeds. So, can someone tell me the proper way to downgrade? Or, if anyone has any idea why I can't get Clouddrive to upload to Google *OR* Amazon, and how to fix the issue, that would be an even bigger help. (For what it's worth, I've tested uploading to the same Google account with odrive and it works perfectly, so my account isn't the issue. And yes, I stopped the odrive sync, so the issue isn't that it's interfering with Clouddrive - I only enabled it to test the bandwidth after already seeing Clouddrive having issues.) EDIT: Just installed to see if that fixes the issue. Still have near-zero upload speeds. EDIT2: I'm embarrassed to report this was a user error. I use the free version of NetBalancer to do a little traffic shaping and it recently updated and reactivated the full trial, implementing a whole host of rules without me noticing. Once I figured that out and cleared those rules, bandwidth is working fine so far! Still not sure how I'd downgrade if I wanted to, but thankfully there doesn't appear to be a need any longer.
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