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  1. I would strongly like to see this option as well!
  2. Hello, hoping someone can give me a tip here. I've set up my Plex library on a DrivePool drive that is set to save everything in triplicate - once on a local drive and then two more copies on two attached CloudDrive drives. This seemed like a great idea to me - until I started trying to actually use Plex. I noticed things seemed slow to load - even just the info screen. Suspecting it might be because of the cloud drives, I tested having a Plex library folder that's entirely local, and clicking on those titles opened their info page nearly instantly as it's supposed to work. Now, I
  3. I use a 20MB chunk size which was the largest available when I created my drive. Are there any plans to offer larger chunk sizes? I'm not using Google Drive for anything else, but I do expect to surpass 20 Tb stored eventually.
  4. I've been tinkering, trying to get Clouddrive to utilizing my full upload bandwidth (20Mbps) with Google Drive, and the latest thing I tried is upgrading to the latest version ( Now I can't get Clouddrive to upload basically at all to either Google Drive or to Amazon Cloud Drive (which I just added to see if the issue was Google related). It's technically uploading, but at about 100kbps which is obviously unusable. I tried downgrading to see if is the issue. I uninstalled Clouddrive, then tried installing I got an error, "The background service failed to sta
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