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  1. How do I find the ticket number? I'd really like to solve this.
  2. Yes I posted a ticket, and no I haven't heard. I'll check those things out when I get home.
  3. Same. And I still have data stuck there that could be recovered if I could mount existing files.
  4. Hello? I'd really like to get this data back. I submitted a ticket but havent heard anything back....
  5. I hope this is a feature that they add, as I have a few tb's of movies sitting on a drive that I have no access to
  6. I copied the folder exactly and cant get it to link up
  7. This is the hugest disappointment yet. With the dubious nature of what people are putting online, it would be really nice to have a working backup.
  8. I had just moved them around in disk management to put them in a more logical order. When I was clicking through the list of drives in CloudDrive they both said F. The one I wanted has now unmounted, and isn't coming up in the list of mountable drives. The space used on google drive says the data is still all there, its just not linking up.
  9. No I *think* what happened is two drives that I made managed to mount themselves to F: on my computer at the same time.
  10. Hello? Any help on this? I'm scared to use this at the moment....
  11. Support ticket submitted...
  12. This is EXACTLY what I am trying to do.... And coming up with the same issues..... What command did you do in rclone to do it server side?
  13. I just lost one of my drives. It appears to still be on Google Drive, but its not coming up in the list in the CloudDrive app.... Any help? Is it possible its renamed itself? I'm on if it matters
  14. Awesome post! Thank you so much!!!!
  15. Awesome!!! Thanks! Does a bigger drive have any bad effects?
  16. How? When I make the drive the biggest I can create is 10GB....
  17. Just for directory simplification, is there any way to make a drive bigger than 10TB? Thanks!
  18. I'm having the same issue. I have about 5 drives set up, and I'm lucky if 3 are ever mounted at one time. Because its uploading data I have no way to remount except to reboot, which i fear will end in corruption.
  19. I got this sorted. You can lock it up if you want.
  20. Hi! Just before I pull the trigger on buying this software, does anybody have a good method to back up a google drive account to a secondary account? It doesn't NEED to be a second google account, but that would be simpler. Of course I need this backed up drive to be able to re-create the same drives in Windows. Thanks!
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