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  1. I've just downloaded the scanner and pool products and am getting started using them. So far I'm liking what I see. Looking at the CloudDrive product touches on something I considered for some time and something I'd like to use once I've finished setting up my pools. Like so many who have posted on this thread I don't have a lot of money for cloud storage. The ACD price point is very hard to ignore. As I've read through this thread and a little research on ACD I can see that other products are having challenges with it too. I can also understand the Dev's desire to focus on core product functionality at this point in the dev cycle and come back to ACD when they can. That said, the ACD price point is very hard to ignore. And not being one to give up quickly I'm hoping the politically incorrect idiom, "There's more than one way to skin a cat." might apply here. Has anyone tried using a 3rd party app such as WebDrive or ExpanDrive between ACD and CloudDrive? I get that it is a little kludgy but if the utility acts as a middleware that can make the cloud storage show up as a drive in Windows Explorer can CloudDrive not be configured to use that drive maintaining encryption? As I said, I haven't gotten this far yet but would like to know if this is a viable option and if so, how well has it worked for those who've tried. Do have one potentially larger concern and that is Drashna's post about ACD pushing away from encrypted content. Haven't read much on the Plex ACD fun but before I do anything with CloudDrive or ACD I do want to get a better feeling if Amazon is going to allow encrypted drive content. This would be the bulk of my content on ACD. Thanks to all and Merry Christmas. A EDIT: Okay, I've had a chance to download CloudDrive and work with it a bit. I was mistakenly (my fault) under the impression there was an integration between PoolDrive and CloudDrive. Specifically, I thought you could set CloudDrive up as a backup or replication destination for Drive Pools. With a better understanding of the product I withdraw my WebDrive/ExpanDrive question. Guess while I'm here I'll make a feature request. Thanks much.
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