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  1. Is your google drive with SCD uploading fine? I'm thinking of purchasing google drive but don't want to deal with the same issues...and with ACD not liking encryption programs...
  2. I don't want to destroy it, took me the longest time to upload stuff as it is... Was going to try to detach it and re-attach but now apparently 25 GB i uploaded yesterday needs to be uploaded again, and it's going the double upload amount again.. This is becoming a pain
  3. Not sure if this is a new thing happening on 802 Beta or something i never noticed before. I'm uploading 60 GB of files thinking it will take 4 hours based on calculations. Four hours pass by and i notice i am only done with less than half of that. Luckily i had a network monitor running and it shows that i uploaded over 60 GB of data but SCD is only showing about 25 GB done uploading. Started looking at both SCD and network and it seems to be the case. Every 1 GB of upload from SCD requires 2-2.5GB of upload in network monitor. Opened up technical details (for the first time randomly) and noticing that some threads are uploading more than 100% How do i fix this? Is there a stetting that should be enabled/disabled? My cache was set to 10 GB expandable and the drive has 200 GB free space.
  4. Download and upload threads at 20 is good Prefetch trigger: 1 MB Prefetch forward: 400 BM Prefetch time windows: 300 seconds This helped me max out my speeds (100/35) on Amazon Cloud Drive
  5. This x100 I'm on the latest version (802) and it fixed (close enough) my download issues. It fluctuates between 6-14 MB/s (60-100 Mb/s) on Amazon Cloud Drive Edit: I have Download threads set to 20. 4 gives me max 3.5-5 MB/s. 20 threads gives me 6-14 MB/s
  6. 12/21/2016 - I take back what I aid about I/O errors. Started getting them back again now. 12/23/2016 - No more IO errors so far between 12/21 and 12/23. Fingers crossed.
  7. I/O Error's have decreased. Not happening as much but still happens. Download speeds seems to have increased. Only downloading at 50% of my speed. Better than before but not 100% there. Definitely in the right direction.
  8. Hi, I am using Amazon Cloud Drive. I uploaded some files to see upload speeds; I am getting full upload speeds (100Mb/35Mb speed). Tried downloading (copying from the virtual drive to my desktop) a less than 200Mb file and it took 6 minutes, going slower than upload speeds itself. Tried multiples file and even tried a full folder. Same issue with downloading super slow. Uploaded a 100Mb file directly to Amazon (less than 20 seconds) and downloaded it (less than 10 seconds). So no issues with uploading/downloading from Amazon directly. In StableBit CloudDrive, I did notice a lot of I/O Errors. All saying "...is having trouble downloading data from Amazon Cloud Drive. The operation is being retired. Error: HTTP Status GatewayTimeout This error occured x times. Make sure you are connected to the Internet and have sufficient bandwidth available." Are there settings I need to change in StableBit CloudDrive? Or should I be copying files a different way? Thank you!
  9. Ah ok, good to know it's normal. Tried a disk defrag tool and did not do anything. I guess the data will be stuck there until it is removed. Good thing ACD is unlimited. Do you have one that you recommend?
  10. Hi, Quick question on chunks being deleted after deleting files on the drive for Amazon Cloud Drive. I created a 15TB Amazon Cloud Drive..drive. I uploaded 1 GB of data to Amazon Cloud Drive with full drive encryption. I deleted all the files on the 15TB drive. Looked on ACD web and chunks totaling 1 GB are still on the ACD SBCD folder. Is this normal? I was expecting SBCD to delete the chunks that are not needed any more from ACD folder. Not a real issue since ACD is unlimited. Will this happen on other providers that are not unlimited? For example, if i upload 800GB to Dropbox, delete 700GB (net 100GB) and then upload another 500GB (net 600GB), will my total on Dropbox be 600GB or the total of 800+500GB = 1.3TB? Or am i missing a feature that deletes the chunks after i delete the files from the 15TB drive? I tried the "Cleanup" option but don't think its for the above. Thank you!
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