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  1. I think I'm coming closer to the issue: It seems that there is a delay with G-drive for when it starts. If I start a copy, it takes 10 seconds before it starts executing upon it. If I start a Plex-task, it takes 15 seconds before anything is happening on G-drive If I run a movie via VLC, it's down to 10 seconds before anything happens. I have tried towards my Amazon and there is like 1-2 seconds delay according to the schedule above.
  2. No go. Still slow. Will try some alternative routes in order to check for faults. I'll get back. Any other suggestions in the meantime is welcome. /F
  3. Hi, After trying with ACD I got sick of all the throttling and decided to get a GDrive account. I have a 1gb/1gb line and have now have all data on Gdrive, however now Plex takes forever to start. With ACD it took around 12 seconds to start a movie and scrolling would take as long (prefetch 600mb) and I would max around 80Mbps. With GDrive it takes around 45 seconds to start a movie, but it basically is downloading the whole movie (prefetch 600mb) and I max around 350mbps. I haven't changed anything on Plex and the only difference I can see between ACD and Gdrive (apart from the lack o
  4. ...but performance is extremly poor. dl @ 1mbit/s
  5. Hi, Was there any resolution on this one? Since AWS is having issues right now I logged in to my web dashboard and it seems that approx 400mb of files are now identified as pictures. How can I identify what "real" file those 400 are pertaining? /F
  6. Freppa


    Ah, time to visit their blog to check if they have an issue. Thanks Weirdomusic!
  7. Freppa


    Hi friends, Today I had my Fiber upgraded (changed vendor) to 1000/1000 which meant that I lost connection to my drives. I only get the dreaded HTTP Status 429. Now, I have probably missed what I can do to not incur the wrath of the throttling Gods over at Amazon, but could I get some guidance (I am just about to migrate from amazon to Google Drive since Amazon doesn't seem to end up on the positive list - go figure on the timing.....) This is what the logs tell me. 0:22:06.0: Warning: 0 : [ApiAmazonCloudDrive] Server is throttling us, waiting 1,000ms and retrying. 0:22:07.2: Warni
  8. To my understanding, pre-release has nothing to do with functionality or performance. It is only the developers seting this banner to show that this is pre-release (Stablebit, not Google) and that a release candidate/version is pending. /F
  9. Freppa

    restart question

    If you are running a late version (.83x, it seems to work flawless, however before that it was a bit of a gamble. Try making the cache small so you only have to upload a small amount and try.
  10. Interesting. It would be interesting to understand how ACD thought when developing such a solution. I must say, if Google Drive Unlimited wasn't so expensive to procure, I would probably switch at this point.
  11. Drashna, I have uploaded the two files to dropbox for your viewing pleasure
  12. Still the same issue. Small file, 15mb, maxed 100mbit line, took 4 times as long.
  13. Ok, I'll correct myself: Upload verification is ​not​ on. I'll run some tests on uploading with newest release to see if it continues over 100%. I'll get back to you on that one.
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