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  1. vend

    Memory Leak

    I am on .784 as well and I have been seeing this same issue although mine seems to be more related to downloading/uploading to the drive. No disconnects yet. Non-paged pool is consuming almost all available 16 GBs of memory I have attached a picture to show the usage as well.
  2. Just wanted to jump in and say that I am having much much much better performance on .782 as well. Superb job. Thank you!
  3. On .777 I continue to have numerous issues as mentioned by many before me. Drive disconnects, extremely poor speed, etc... The frustrating thing is that ACD works great in terms of reliability and speed (I have a gigabit up/down connection). I originally started out on ACD but migrated to Google Drive at the numerous recommendations made by Christopher but it seems that Google Drive is not all that it has billed out to be. And the most frustrating thing is that Google Drive is such a subpar experience that it is nearly impossible to get the data transferred off of it to put on to ACD.
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