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  1. Hey AlexL I have this enclosure too. Working great for me so far, just a little noisy as you have found out! Thanks for the info on the fans, I will be buying the same ones and doing some surgery. Just a question for you though. Are both fans 3pin? I was wondering if they were PWM and maybe that's why the 80mm wasn't spinning up? Or maybe it's just a higher voltage needed to get it spinning? I assume the enclosure does not mind if a fan is not plugged into the PSU fan header? Did you simply split the 140mm fan header to both fans? Thanks!
  2. *wave* me again Just wanted to check if you think this is a safe buy or not? Seems quite cheap considering it is the same card as the LSI branded one. I assume you would just crossflash this with the LSI firmware and you would have an LSI card for half the price?
  3. Yea I have been looking at some other solutions, trying to keet the m-ITX and low power CPU thing going and of course, the cheaper the better. It really doesn't need anything fancy at all but it seems to get an 8 lane or 16 lane PCI-E slot you have to go up quite a few models. I really liked the idea of an AMD AM1 solution, under £100 for RAM/CPU/Mobo, quad core 2.2GHZ, 8GB RAM and all under 25W. The chipset just doesn't support more than 4 PCI-E lanes though, so I need to look at another platform, or take the chance. Decisions decisions
  4. Soooo, everywhere I turn I get more obstacles in my path. Do you have any experience of running the LSI 9211-8i in a 4 lane PCI-E slot? The motherboards I am looking at have 16x physical slots but only support 4 lanes. The LSI card is an 8 lane card. In the GPU world it just means you have less bandwidth but I don't want to go down the route of buying all the gear just to find the card doesn't detect or is unstable.
  5. Was in a rush yesterday, wasn't thinking. Thank you very much. I think this is the route I shall go down. Thank you both for your help, I very much look forward to getting this all up and running
  6. Do you have a model number for that card by chance?
  7. For some reason I had it in my head (even though I quoted the manufacturers site/specs for my board) that I Have 1 x PCI-E x16 and 1 x PCI-E x4 slot on my mobo, which I don't! I have a GTX970 in the slot so that ends that. I really should pay more attention. I may be missing the obvious for sure! I was not aware the PM could exist in the enclosure, I thought the port/chipset had to be aware. The box I quoted definitely doesn't present one "disk" to the host as there is another "RAID" model that does this and this is not what I was looking at doing. I have relied on hardware RAID in various forms before and I don't like being "tied-in". I like the methodology of unRAID/Drivepool where by if you lose data on 1 (or 2 etc) disk(s) you don't lose the entire array. I plan to just dump a dir listing to a text file of each drive and in the event I lose any I can simply find the data I lost again. So, I can either get the Icybox and give it a whirl and hope for the best, or I can still go down the original route I had planned which was to build a new NAS. Something I put together months ago so the prices will have changed but you'll get the general idea: Case: Silverstone DS380B 8 Bay NAS Chassis (£116.51) PSU: Silverstone Strider SST-ST30SF SFX Series - 300 Watt '80 Plus Bronze' Power Supply (£41.99) Motherboard: ASRock AM1B-ITX (£31.51) Processor: AMD APU Athlon 5350 Quad Core Processor (£31.89) CPU Cooler: Arctic Cooling Alpine M1 (£5.35) RAM: Team Group Elite Black 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C11 1600MHz Dual Channel Kit (£29.99) SATA Card: Syba SATA III 4 Port PCI-e 2.0 x2 Card with Low Profile Bracket (£33.79) Total: £265 So, not really far off the cost of the Icybox anyway and probably a better all round solution?
  8. And then during my research I discover a post like this. Not a good endorsement of eSata lol. Kind of answers one of my questions at least, 5 seems to be the magic number when it comes to eSata and port multipliers. So, my quest for 8 drives ends there? The Icybox definitely only has 1 eSata port so I fail to see how it actually is able to present those drives as JBOD using eSata. So that drops me down to USB3.0. Should I be looking at another solution entirely if I want an easy life, rather than go USB3.0? The array will consist of 6 x 4TB Seagate drives and I will more than likely combine this with SnapRAID for some parity. None of the data is important and I could stand to lose any of it so I may not bother but its an option I may pursue.
  9. Hi all Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully lend me your expertise. I recently discovered this great application that does exactly what I have been looking for and since then have been putting together a plan to migrate from my ageing HP N54L Microserver running unRAID to something else. I have a gaming rig/HTPC that sits under the stairs and is more than powerful enough to handle anything I throw at it. It sits idle 95% of the time and is always on so I was wanting to consolidate the Microserver and this rig into one. The motherboard in the HTPC is an MSI Z97i Gaming AC which has 2 x eSata ports. I am trying to find out if these support port multipliers or not. I have read on a forum that NO Intel Sata supports PM but I have not seen anything concrete on this so I am hoping you guys can clarify. Takes me to my next point. If it doesn't I will need an add-in card. Seen one or two but they seem to support a max of 5 drives per port? The specification seems to support up to 15 disks, I only need 8! The reason I need 8 is because I plan on using an IcyBox IB-3680SU3. This supports 8 disks via either USB3.0 or eSata. It only has a single eSata port so if I want to address all 8 disks I need a port capable of doing so. I have read on these forums that USB3.0 is not the way to go for long term storage and which is why I am looking at eSata instead. Does anyone have experience with this unit, good or bad? Anyway, that's my chain of thought pretty much written down. Look forward to hearing your thoughts
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