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  1. I tried all suggestions from this thread and I'm still getting error from Google Drive about reaching folders limit. I tried manual changes to the config file, using my own API key, re-authenticating drive - no change. Had to switch StableBit Cloud Drive off until permanent fix is delivered. And, I'm not going to try beta version as in the past it damaged my drive and I had to re-upload for months again. Weird, as other tools have no such issues as CloudDrive is having every now and then. I'm using AlwaySync and it just works.
  2. Is there any work pending on fixing GDrive issue? Any estimate? I'm just not ready to risk a beta version of software and lose again TBs of data as it happen in the past.
  3. Any update? Scanner still does not see any underlying Storage Spaces disk. This is making me slowly moving away from Stablebit products due to lack of any progress in development.
  4. Any progress with supporting Storage Spaces by Scanner? Lack of progress with development of both DrivePool (still no support for Shadow Copies, practically non working on Windows deduplicated disks) and Scanner (false alerts, no support for Storage Spaces) is bit worrying me. I love both products, use them for long already... but time moves on, operating systems add new features... all this making Stablebit products staying more and more behind.
  5. Is quota support still in development? While setting it up from WSE 2012R2 Dashboard I'm getting error: Cannot set the folder space limit. While trying the same from File Server Resource Manager I'm getting error: The selected path is not on a NTFS volume. Only NTFS volumes are supported.
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