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  1. .... future plans to migrate "critical" data to the pool via duplication... Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  2. No duplication, pooling the drives together leveraging snapraid. Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  3. I too came from Flexraid and opted for drivepool leveraging snapraid. 4 drives for pooling and 1 parity drive. For simplicity purposes I've installed Elucidate which is a gui for snapraid. https://elucidate.codeplex.com/ Drivepool is awesome for my needs, you set it and forget it. It scales perfectly, require more space simply add another drive or two. Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  4. No never at all! Lol. Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  5. So I decided to logically approach this issue from a different perspective. Why would the folder remain present and unhidden when creating from Windows Explorer but as soon as I initiated the copy command all the contents of that folder would go hidden? I had some spare time during lunch the other day and decided to actually perform a google search on robocopy and hidden folders. To my surprise there were a number of entries. Apparently for whatever reason, robocopy tends to create the folder and then apply the hidden and system attribute. So, with this information I ran robocopy utilizing the /A-:SH attribute and to my surprise, the folder created and its subfolders are no longer hidden. Thank you Microsoft for this value-add feature. As for Stablebit Drivepool, please accept my apologies for this mishap and a huge thank you to the forum members who took their time to review and provide valuable insight on my issue. Thank you. Please consider the incident solved and case closed
  6. Hi Spider99 Correct snapraid and drivepool for parity purposes. Also correct on the drivepool size of 9TB. For some reason I can copy all the individual folders to the root of drive V however if I were to create a parent or root folder in this case HD or Music and then copy into those folders, the entire folder goes hidden. Example V:\HD\Blazing Monkeys\Blazing Monkeys.mkv The HD folder and those sub-folders get hidden from view. V:\Blazing Monkeys\Blazing Monkeys.mkv It's viewable as it's not hidden. As for duplication I'm worried about storage usage as double the space would be required if all the data is to be duplicated. This is why I have disabled duplication for now. Hopefully this helps and thanks
  7. I appreciate the quick response. I installed the BETA from the link you provided, however no joy! The root folder copied to the root of the Drivepool still goes into a hidden state when copying contents to that root folder. Please note that I have disabled all duplication so not sure if I'm messing up. Thank you
  8. Hmmm, interesting.... robocopy W:\ V:\HD /E /COPYALL /COPY:DAT V is the actual drivepool that I created using the mounted drives. The drivepool drive in this case is V, no or is it the physical drive - so confused - LOL! I was expecting drivepool to behave like Flexraid and storagespaces (or vice-versa) whereby I can view those folders and subfolders without unhiding things.
  9. Thanks for the response... I'm still having difficulty wrapping my head around DrivePool. Currently I've copying my backup drive contents to the newly created pool in this drive V: At this moment, the directory structure being copied is as follows: robocopy W:\ V:\ /E /COPYALL /COPY:DAT Now, if I peruse the drivepool, I can see those directories with the media in them. However If i were to create a folder at the root of drive v i.e. HD and then run the following command: robocopy W:\ V:\HD /E /COPYALL /COPY:DAT The HD folder goes hidden. Thus my goal is have something like this: V: -HD ------Individual folders V: -Television -----Individual folders V: -Music --------Individual folders and so on. Am I missing something here? I came from Flexraid and StorageSpaces so maybe Drivepool is obviously doing something different. Again appreciate the response(s).
  10. Hello... I initially configured the pool by simply adding empty drives and everything was kosher. I managed to copy over some folders without incident. I then came across snapraid. So I started over, I simply deleted the drive volumes and this time recreated the pool via folder mount points. Hardware: 2x3TB 2x4TB Pool setup: 1x3TB 1x3TB 1x4TB HDD1 is mounted to C:\DrivePoolArray\DRU1 HDD2 is mounted to C:\DrivePoolArray\DRU2 HDD3 is mounted to C:\DrivePoolArray\DRU3 Snapraid: 1x4TB is mounted physically using the root of the drive via drive letter P and aptly named PRU1. I then proceeded to "robocopy" the media content from my backup drives to the pool. Robocopy is used so that I can preserve the file/folder attributes. I opened up the pool via drive V and noticed nothing is being displayed. However If I unhide protected files/folder: V:\HD After reading some other posts I confirmed that the "HD" or the newly created media folder is present. C:\DrivePoolArray\DRU1\PoolPart.7a5d0861-96f9-464a-8ca7-466e49655823\HD Please note that if I use Windows Explorer to explore the "DrivePool V:" I can freely create and delete files and folders etc. If I revert back to simply adding the physical drives to the pool without using foder mounts, everything is as it should be - I can use Robocopy to copy the various media folders without issue - no need to unhide anything. I only decided to mount via the folder method as it seems to be the defacto when reading through the posts/forums. As for snapraid, I have it configured as it should but I don't see how it can be causing this issue. Please note that I have disabled all the balancing and reset all settings via the troubleshooter of Drivepool. Any way of unhiding the HD folder so that I can stream via Plex to the various smart devices? Or (which I'm sure) missed a critical step or two? Thanks Addendum... Ok, I have defaulted the application and have recreated the drivepool every which way I could including formatting all the drives individually and creating new pools but I cannot figure out for the life of me as to why the media folder or any other folder would eventually be hidden. Apologies as I'm a bit flustered after spending numerous hours on this! Addendum #2.... As taken from the stablebit website: When you copy a new file to the pool, StableBit DrivePool automatically picks one or more drives from the ones that you've added to the pool to store that new file. The file will be stored in a hidden folder on those drives. Apologies but my logic is failing me as I can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that pooling drives should allow me to "advertise" the folders and not hide them i.e. how will Plex and my SmartTV work if the folders of interest are hidden? Again, thank you.
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