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  1. I guess something must be going on my "To Upload" has been stuck for hours on 80KB, the upload arrow goes to 20.2mbps but nothing upload wise changes... (chkdsk comes back fine) Found a hacky fix for my issue (Terminate all the stable bit program tree, quickly delete all the .cache files before the drive leaves (Files are locked while its running) then re run chkdsk
  2. I submitted a ticket with logs hopefully they find a solution, My drive has shrunk down to the size of all the visible files now on both devices (Missing files are missing on both machines) My drive is still the correct size logging into amazons web interface so the data hasn't actually been deleted
  3. Hi, Any idea how i can recover my files, prior to me detaching the drive from my laptop it was full populated and uploaded. After attaching it to my main PC many files have gone missing (aren't visible in file explorer) They are still on amazon as my Drive size has not decreased but since they are encrypted they are useless. When I detached it from my main PC back to my laptop the files had also gone missing on there as well. Windows seems to think there are many files as the space used on the drive is also correct. Any ideas how I can get these files to be visible since they are still
  4. AWS is completely separate to Amazon Drive, on AWS you get charged per each file you write to the service and get a monthly bill. http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/1588-amazon-cloud-drive-why-is-it-not-supported/?p=15083 Explains what version you need if you plan on using amazon Drive
  5. Watching this pretty closely, I hope something comes soon. Once the upload cap is lifted ill end up purchasing both Amazon Drive and Cloud drive. No software does realtime encryption that is easy on windows so that's a big plus. Why does the program seem to be download alot from my Amazon Cloud? It should only be uploading since the drive is fresh and everything is currently stored locally. Once you have full functionality the option to throttle downloads / uploads would be great.
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