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  1. Sorry to beat a dead horse here, but is there an ETA on ACD support? I've uploaded several TBs with your client, but it now seems increasingly unresponsive to the point where I wonder if I'll be able to get my data back.
  2. I can now confirm that my authorization is lost if I run out of disk space on the system drive. The fault is naturally mine, but I thought you should be aware of the behavior.
  3. I haven't had any issues with lost authorization since my last post. I suspect it could have been caused by lack of free space on the system drive.
  4. My Amazon drives occasionally need to be reauthorized. Is there a way around this? I need to downgrade .631 to authorize the drives so I'm hoping there's a way to prevent them getting disconnected.
  5. Thanks for the answers Christopher. Regarding question 2, if I set prefetch to 200 MB, while streaming a large file, it won't show 200 MB consistently buffered, but rather it'll go to zero before it'll prefetch another 200 MB. Often it'll wait a minute before performing another prefetch. I don't know if this is a mere inconsistency between the GUI and the actual cached data. Could the file be streamed too slowly for the prefetching to be triggered?
  6. I have a few questions related to ACD and CloudDrive. I hope it's okay to post them here. A) Is it possible that the current developer throttle cap prevents CloudDrive users from getting banned on Amazon? I'm guessing banned accounts were banned because of aggressive clients (and maybe amount of data). Is it possible to have x MB continuously buffered when reading a file sequentially? I noticed that CloudDrive doesn't prefetch before the current prefetched data goes to 0. C) Does the prefetch time window only affect how long prefetched data is stored before it's read.
  7. Are there any general or Amazon specific benefits in updating from .631 to .731? I had a look at changes.txt, but it ends at .726.
  8. I'm here to second 17thspartan's question. Also, I'm currently trialing and so far it's been rock stable. Brilliant software and I'll be buying a license when the ACD cap is lifted..
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