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  1. Doing hierarchical pooing. 1 Master Pool with 3 child pools. 1 child pool holds 99% of all data and ALL internal disks. Other 2 pools are external hard drives and a cloud drive. The Cloud Drive is unstable and keeps going offline sending the entire master pool into read--only. Finally had to remove the Cloud Drive which is not desired. Any way to indicate in the master pool to not go into read-only for a missing disk (child pool)? The 1 child pool housing 99% of the data (and disks) will function normally. ~Thanks
  2. Thanks for the feedback, Each pool looks good so I got the same impression, such disparity from the parent pool view.
  3. Thanks for the response. My intention is to have the Parent Pool direct ALL files to one pool accept one folder, that folder should be duplicated across all pools. Pools 2&3 only have duplicated files. I did take off the 12 hours default setting thinking I was would be turning up the frequency for a few days until everything leveled out. I have file duplication turned off on all folders except Family Media. And in the file Placement rules, I have that same folder filtered to use all drives whereas all other folders are set to only use Child pool #1. Settings in screen shots
  4. Just upgraded and changed over to Hierarchical Pooling. Now have 1 parent pool containing 3 pools. Children: 1 of 3 has 10 drive and 10TB of duplicated files. 2 of 3 is 2 USB drives. 3 of 3 is a single OneDrive CloudDrive. Parent pool, folders are only duplicated across the 3 pools to the extent of 450GB otherwise, a single copy only goes to Child pool #1. After numerous duplication runs and about 36 hours to settle in, I still get a message on the Parent Pool "File distribution not optimal". All child pools are fully duplicated. Would this be from the rules I have set to only direct a small portion of the overall to a single pool? Also, why such a large amount of Other, only 1.5TB of Other in one child pool. Thanks.
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