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    Roger79 got a reaction from vapedrib in "Not enough space" when there actually is!   
    When replacing files larger than remaining space on the drive where these files are placed, I get the "Not enough space" message, even if there are plenty of space on the pool. DP should just delete the old files and place the new ones on a different drive instead.
    Regards Roger :-)
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    Roger79 got a reaction from vapedrib in Harddisk failure and problems (with duplication?)   
    Hi! I lost a drive yesterday And so far I'm a bit anxious about what the outcome is going to be. The entire pool disappeared and after some reboots of my HDD enclosure I found the culprit for my problems; one of my Reds had lost its partition and it comes up as "raw" in diskmanager. I actually had to take the drive out of the enclosure and check it on my desktop computer to be able to communicate with the harddisk. I'm currently doing a recover of the files on this drive using EaseUS Data Recovery and hopefully I'll get the files back from this drive.
    What surprised me is that when the drive failed while inside my pool, DP managed to delete a lot of files(propably duplicates, don't know yet) and my pool went from having approx 700GB of free space to 9,5TB. My total pool size including the broken disk is 44TB.
    Does anyone have some thought on to why this happened?
    Update: One of my movie folders has an error and DP can not access it or read it. This folder is on one of the Archive disks. This is the second time I have problems with my Archive disks. 
    Roger J.
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