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  1. Currently have a Dell T30 Server (i7-6700 with 16GB RAM) with a pool of 2x8Tb and 1x10TB HD. The drives are Red or White drives, so pretty sure they are lower RPM drives and all spin at 5400 RPM, more or less. The issue is file transfer speeds over my gigabit network. Copying a 2GB file from my desktop to the pool saturates the network and I get speeds of 110 MB/s. However, read speeds from the pool are much less. Copying the same file from the pool to my desktop transfers at 60-70 MB/s, sometimes less. I've tinkered with DP settings, used different network cards, and tweaked network settings. Nothing really seems to make a difference. Testing the pool speed with CDM (see screenshot) shows speeds in line with a 5400 RPM hard drive. Is the slow speed just a limitation of the slower RPM drives or is it a Drivepool issue? It seems strange as the write speed is great but the read speed is significantly lower.
  2. Did you ever get this resolved? I just setup my first pool this afternoon using 2 drives in a dual USB3.0 enclosure (Vantec brand). Copying data to the pool works fine and the speeds are good. I get about 100 MB/s with no duplication and around 55 MB/s with immediate duplication on. However, I tried copying a few large files off the pool to a different, non-pooled drive and get the same problem as the OP. It gets to around 25%, the speed drops to 0, and it just sits there. Windows 10 Pro Vantec MX enclosure (http://www.vantecusa.com/en/product/view_detail/560) running in individual drive mode Connected via USB3.0 using the Intel USB ports on a Z97 MB.
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