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  1. Hi Christopher, I'm on the latest Windows 10, with DrivePool 2.1.561. No backup or antivirus beyond Windows Defender. The external drive in question is old and was pretty full, probably fragmented as well, so I cleared it off and formatted it. Testing it again now to see if the behavior happens again. I'll give you a log if I can repro the issue.
  2. Hi everyone, I've got a pool set up 3x4TB and 1x3TB drives, with duplication. I've been having a lot of problems copying files (multiple tens or hundreds of GB at a time) off the drivepool to external hard drives over USB. The file transfer will start at what seems like a reasonably quick speed, but then the transfer will get 'stuck' and the rate will drop to zero for some substantial amount of time. If I catch it quickly and pause the transfer in the Windows dialog, I can un-pause it and the transfer will resume like nothing happened. However, if it gets into this state, I can't pause the download... the 'pause' request never gets acknowledged and the transfer sits there indefinitely. Can someone help me diagnose, or point me in the right direction? This is getting to be a huge problem if I can't reliably copy large amounts of data off the DP at any moment. Thanks, John
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