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  1. Suddenly this morning, I cannot access folder duplication for my pools. I run 2 pools on a single Windows 10 machine. Both are on Mediasonic boxes connected by USB 3.1. There are 8 drives in each pool. Normally, I can select "Folder duplication" in the UI, and see all the folders in a given pool. This morning, I cannot see any structure, nor can I select "Change Duplication". 

    I don't have enough space on the pools for everything to be duplicated, but DrivePool is duplicating everything right now. It will not have enough room to complete.

    Any suggestions?

    Capture1 shows the Pool view, Capture 2 show what I see when I select "Folder Protection", and Capture 3 shows what's ACTUALLY in 'BRIXPool'.





  2. Is it possible to get a little more detail on this? Especially the phrase "on-the-fly data manipulation". On the face of it, it seems possible that almost any database operation might qualify, in which case I'm gonna have to do a whole lot of thinking about what gets placed in the pools. 

    Looking for

    1) Some estimate of the potential gain from this.

    2) Clearer notion of what may experience negative effects.

    DrivePool user for years now, and talked at least one buddy into using also. Love this product, and can't say enough good things about the support :-)

  3. Just my 10 cents here ... as someone that used to design and implement custom file systems, I'm well aware of a) How much work is involved, and B) what a truly splendid job you guys (guy?) have done with DrivePool. I have two fairly large pools running (8 drives 30TB in one, 4 drives 16TB in the other), and have to say zero loss of data ever, and remarkably few problems.


    Given how cheap the product is, I would have absolutely NO problem with paying an annual support fee. I suspect that you might see a similar response from the many, many customers who have NOT contributed to this thread. Keep up the good work guys, and don't be put off by the haters/whiners.



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